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Animal Jam Summer Carnival and my Sister’s new YouTube Channel is here!

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Renegade Bastard, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Renegade Bastard

    Renegade Bastard Senior Member

    Hey, Nintendo lovers. I just wanted to share my Sister’s new YouTube channel of her playing and streaming Animal Jam. My niece got her into playing the game with her a few months back, and now she is addicted. She loves the game so much, she decided to create a YouTube channel to cover her gameplay videos. Get over there and show her some love as a fellow gamer, y’all! “Like” if you like it, “Sub” if you love it! Allow her to fully endear and captivate your heart with her warm charm as she has done mine! <3

  2. Zodasaur

    Zodasaur Well-Known Member

    That's awesome your sister is getting into game streaming. I've got aspirations to do the same myself. I think probably 4-5 months and i'll be there too as well. At least i'm dreaming I will be!
    Renegade Bastard likes this.
  3. Renegade Bastard

    Renegade Bastard Senior Member

    Attaboy, Zoda! Now that’s the spirit! :)

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