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Need writers?

Discussion in 'Switch Player Magazine' started by JoSoap, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. JoSoap

    JoSoap Well-Known Member

    I’ve been reviewing games and writing articles for about ten years now. Contributed to tonnes of sites over the years, most now defunct. Hooked Gamers is still going I believe? I was a staff writer for acegamez for years and then a senior staff writer at Brash Games before the whole controversy.

    Haven’t written since but would be happy to contribute in any way I can. I love Switch Player and the Vita Lounge, and would be happy to give something back considering the communities on both sites reignited my passion for gaming.

    My work has been archived at bonusstage.co.uk and I can fire through a few samples if it’s required.
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  2. nacsgaming

    nacsgaming Senior Member

    I would absolutely love to do short accessory reviews and comparisons. If there is an interest for some of that I would be in.
  3. Georgina Howlett

    Georgina Howlett Moderator Staff Member

    The best thing that I can suggest is to use the contact form on the site to send an inquiry/suggestion/submission to Paul! I've also shared the link to this thread with him so he can read it.

    My first piece for the site/magazine - my top 10 Salmon Run tips - was a submission I suggested via that form. Obviously the latest Staff Writer call out was how I've ended up on the team - so be sure to look out for any future call outs too!
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