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Nintendo Switch case expanded after one week!

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by Xianan Li, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Xianan Li

    Xianan Li New Member

    I bought this Nintendo Switch couple weeks ago, and I like it very much! Unfortunately, the case starts to expand one week later. I send it back to Nintendo and they told me that this is not a factory defect. They said this is due to “physical impact”, and they will charge $99 dollars to fix it. It doesn’t make sense to me because I didn’t drop this console and there is no “physical impact” or not even a scratch on the case. The case was expanded inside out around the volume bottom as I am showing in the picture. What makes sense to me is they don’t want to fix it due to factory defect and they come up with an excuse. As you know Nintendo Switch has a problem in its design, you cannot exchange the battery without taking it into apart. There is no other component would expand this much other than the battery. Of course, I am worried about the battery exploding, but I am really upset about Nintendo customer services. If this happens to you guys, make sure you either return it or ask for an exchange as early as you can. If you guys haven’t brought this console yet, my suggestion is to hold on to your thoughts until the better version of Switch come out.
  2. Xianan Li

    Xianan Li New Member

    I can't upload the picture here for some reason, but I put the picture in my profile picture.
    I also posted the picture on Reddit


    Check it out.
  3. JoSoap

    JoSoap Well-Known Member

    Never heard of anything like that. Could you take it apart yourself to see what the issue is?
  4. nacsgaming

    nacsgaming Senior Member

    have you been charging the switch on the original dock charger and with all of the original cabling? Does the switch have plenty of room to breathe or is it inside of a cabinet? That's the location of the internal battery so something is causing it to get overheated and expand.
  5. Renegade Bastard

    Renegade Bastard Senior Member

    Pregnant lithium ion battery without a doubt. Complete BS that Nintendo denied the repair claim and said the damage was caused by impact or dropping the hybrid.

    I’ve seen this happen to a PSP, USB battery bank, a portable automotive jump-starter, a few more devices I have either owned personally or used. This is not a rare issue. Lithium ion batteries are unstable by nature and issues like this can occur on their own without provocation!
  6. Georgina Howlett

    Georgina Howlett Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like you definitely deserve a fix if it's anything to do with the battery. You should explain to Nintendo that the issue definitely isn't your fault, and maybe request them to change the casing or the battery itself if that is indeed the cause of the swelling? Or, I suppose, the alternative is to back up your data and replace the console if possible :/

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