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Nintendo Switch is burning us again, devs included...

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by Artist3VOLVE, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Artist3VOLVE

    Artist3VOLVE Active Member

    Guys....I was excited for the switch not even....not even a month ago less than weeks. And now they have boiled down my excitement to near nothing. I can't believe how big Nintendo is fk'ing up. Like...you thought they learned their lesson, you thought they knew what they were doing. But...They don't.
    And before we even get to the responses I'm going over every reason why they have, not why I think, but why they "HAVE" fked up. Its bad. Really bad so let's get started because I'm a rational gamer, a guy who's supported Vita for....ever. And I supported that damn device with my heart AND soul. Just look on vitaforums or whatever its called now if you think I'm joking.

    L A U N C H | P R O B L E M S :
    The launch is so painfully bad, incredibly painful. So painful I'd rather buy a Wii U at launch than a Switch, why? Because Zelda. Pretty much the only thing they "truly have." Their hard hitters are....bare none.
    So let's break this down.

    System's Pricing -
    Not horrible but not good. Let's be honest Nintendo is putting their game console up for $300 dollars a painfully expected price point. Why is this not good? Because a PS4 is 300$ bundled with a game. Switch didn't even bother to bundle in that 1-2 Switch trash, they sell it for [ $50 ] Dollars, separately!
    So the fact that they compete with a similar price point and don't even bother including some port, maybe some Virtual Console Downloadable title makes people rather get the PS4 or Xbox One that have established libraries and consoles you can buy with a game included. Its downright painful seeing this. Next point.

    Overpriced Accessories -
    Nintendo is selling the Switch accessories separately. Everyone goes yay, screaming until the reveal itself. Link is here. Joycons are for 80$? Pro Controller 70$? A DOCK IS 90$? If you overlook not only the bad not horrible but definitely bad Switch pricing without a game without extra incentive. Its bad marketing but this takes it to the next level. Its just as bad as PSVITA's crap mem cards. So if you are mad about that....you'd be outta your mind to be mad at Vita and not have a problem here *cough* fanboys *cough*.

    Launch Line Up -
    5 games. Sounds like Nintendo all over again, repeating the Nintendo 64. We have 5 games to expect at launch and only one of these games is a hard hitter, but is also on Wii U. OK so other recent consoles have had bad launches. Wrong. Its an excuse I hear everyone and I mean everyone saying the launch isn't that bad, PS4 launch was bad too, Xbox was bad too OH and don't get me started on Vita's crap launch. WRONG.
    PS4 and Xbox had great launches, not to mention a F2P title from the get go which tells people look if I buy the switch I get a game for free! But PS4 and Xbox had a new Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Need for Speed and PS4 had two first party games as well as other third-party games.
    Its so painful, and to hear people defend this is downright stupid. If you want a Switch only for Zelda, good for you...for me. No. I'm not going to buy a Switch and wait 6 months for the next hard hitting title. Since 80 games are in development and it seems only a handful are games people care about being Mario Kart is just a port with Battle mode and new characters no thanks and that's not even at launch.

    Port after Port after Port -
    You have old games coming over to Switch. Hell Skyrim isn't even the Special Edition. Its the 10+ year old game. I've leaving this one short, its blatently obvious and to my fellow Mario Kart fan, Mario Kart is just a port that they are trying to fix, sure new items, new characters, and battle mode. Battle mode being the biggest thing they are showing however they missed their window. What do I mean by that? For the people who wanted battle mode you should have given it to us for DLC and not give us some crap battle mode like the one in 8. At this point they should have just added new courses instead because they missed their chance.

    C O N F E R E N C E | F O R E S I G H T :
    The conference revealed tons about the Switch. EA only wants to support Switch with Fifa. That's it, the safest thing they could have done was release Fifa. Not only that its rumored to be a port of the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game because of the lack of power in comparison to PS4/Xbox One. Then the conference shows pretty much nothing but splash screens and coming soons.
    You wanna know what's bad? When most of the stuff Nintendo shows we won't see until E3. They didn't even bother putting up Mario Kart 8. Sad. Then you have their big guns come out, hey Mario, hey look Fire Emblem, hey look Mario Kart *cough*, hey listen Zelda. OK but we've known about Zelda, when all Nintendo has is months and months away and they can't even pull together a slightly enhanced port for launch that's trouble.

    O N L I N E | A U D I E N C E :
    Anyone remember when Nintendo kept over and over and over saying people don't want to play online. Well you should look it up because its more than apparently that they jumped ship because they knew they were sinking and fast in this new gen. So they make online and charge for it, now the issue isn't they are charging for it. But keep in mind no one wants to pay like 40 subscriptions for their game consoles and for a hybrid meaning a lot of people will be taking it with them.

    No the problem arises when you know Nintendo's online services burn you. The fact you need to repurchase many downloadable titles is a clear example of handling it poorly. Then you get to the point where you hear you need to use your phone for voice chat....why not just call them at that point? External material should be optional, even if its temporary its down right embarrassing to even have to do this. Plus you will get access to 1 NES/SNES game a month oh and guess what. If you subscription goes away so does your game. Guess what else? These games will be limited. PS4 and Xbox give you many games, plus discounts plus other free stuff and the ability to use cloud saves and other things. This is ridiculous.

    You can share screenshots...video will be available later.
    They still insult trophies and achievements and said directly that achievements are not apparently interesting to the gaming audience. ARE YOU KIDDING? This is just like how they handled online. Except with online they bothered in individual games, here...nothing. It may not be huge but its again and again bad choice and more bad choice after another.

    M Y | T H O U G H T S :

    That's where I draw the line. I'm not getting the Switch, definitely not at launch. I emitted tons of optimism, but even then I didn't let hype blind me. All I put in Nintendo was faith seems my faith got not only rejected but its just one thing after another burning gamers, and devs. So much to the point where their new device that shows tons of promise is just ignored and has no bets placed on it at all. Switch is a great device hardware wise, sound familiar? But its games were intentionally place apart to give themselves leverage until 2018. Its painfully obvious and that conference showed it, sure it made me question my purchase but I was still getting it. Then you realize the launch issues, how they handle online, and you then realize what other mistakes they've made.

    I placed a huge bet on Nintendo and I said that those investors that retracted their investments made a huge mistake, looks like I was wrong. I'm pretty sure they'd rather place a portion of that into VR. Either way I'll be on my Vita until I feel compelled to need a Switch which...isn't soon. And no announcements will change that. I need to see games, the actual game actually coming out and not being handled like its a adult shaking jingling keys in front of a babies face. That's all I have to say, you want a switch get one. But this is just the truth a sad truth that I wish I could ignore but I won't. Instead I'll leave you with this a video that sums together "most" of my issues. Hopefully you can make your own decision though, because I'm not buying a painfully average system.

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  2. Murphy

    Murphy Founder Staff Member

    I'm disappointed somewhat, but I'm not surprised; Nintendo make a habit of this sort of thing. You learn to taper your expectations and then you don't end up with sky-high and unreasonable needs that aren't met. I thought the system would be cheaper, I thought the accessories wouldn't be as expensive and I suspected that the games could be.

    Put things into perspective: A PlayStation Vita AND a memory card AND a game AND a PlayStation TV would all be far more expensive than a Switch, yet the Switch surpasses the Vita in every aspect, in terms or raw power and is a more viable platform than the Vita will be. No system ever launches with a complete library, and most only have a few titles actually worth getting. Besides, how many games can you actually afford to buy? Everything?

    To tackle some of your points...

    System Pricing - Yes, the PS4/XB1 are cheaper and have established libraries, but they didn't when they LAUNCHED. The games then were dwarfed by the libraries of the previous generation and those systems were much cheaper. You shouldn't look at the Switch versus the current pricing, it's not a fair comparison and probably one you overlooked previously. It's a new device, with a new mechanic. And it's handheld. How well does a PS4 or XB1 work outside of the house, or on a train?

    As I noted above, it's more expensive than I thought it would be or that the rumours suggested. However I would say that most people I spoke to all said as long as it's under $300 then it's fine. It's under $300. Cue hysteria.

    Yes, 1-2-Switch should absolutely be a pack in title. It's not. And will probably sell poorly as a result.

    Overpriced Accessories - Absolutely. I can understand somewhat with the technology in the Joy-Con as to why they are what they are, but most console accessories are expensive these days. That's not a justification at all - but we pay it. So they assume they can get away with it. Most current generation controllers cost a fortune. I remember a time when you got TWO controllers in the box. Selling you a charging grip separately and just giving you a bit of plastic is a massive dick move - but they are all clearly learning from the school of Apple where you pay stupid amounts of money for shit, and nobody bats an eyelid.

    Launch Line Up - The line up is light, yes. The thing is, you've got two things to take into consideration here, Nintendo platform AND handheld - both of which are not particularly successful mediums right now, long-term. This is why developers aren't exactly rushing to throw games onto the system. It's a massive catch-22 as we've seen with the Vita, without games you don't shift systems and without systems you don't get the games. More games at launch means more choice for the consumer, but that doesn't translate into more sales for the developers. I read recently that most systems typically have around a three game attach rate at launch. How many would you realistically buy? How much time do you have to dedicate to playing the games? By the looks of it, come June we will have around 30+ games. I'd rather have 30 games by June and I can pick and choose the ones I like and play with a constant supply coming than have 30 at launch and very little after. Or did you forget how quickly games dried up for the Vita?

    Port after Port - You are being a little facetious here, Skyrim is SIX years old later this year. It's just turned 5. And we don't know for a fact that we won't receive the re-mastered version. I want more than anything for the system to be a success, but I'm realistic: developers are not going to throw money at something unless they know it's going to make them a lot of money. They could give a shit about a few thousand dollars profit, they want the big bucks. The Wii U sold awfully. 15m max. The 3DS has sold over 60m. That's a 45m Nintendo customer discrepancy that is likely to look at the Switch that DID NOT buy the Wii U. So yes, quick ports of Wii U games is going to fuck off Wii U owners. They aren't looking at them to sell the system to. It'll provide a rapid injection of titles when traditionally Nintendo systems are starved of first party titles before the true "switch" versions arrive.

    Conference Foresight - DS launched with Mario 64 DS. Wii launched with Twilight Princess. 3DS launched with Ocarina of Time. I'm really not sure why you are surprised.

    Online - Yep. It's massive arse. But you have a choice - pay for it or don't. If you enjoy the games and can justify the cost then pay for it. If not, then don't. Charging for online is absolute bollocks, but Sony did it because millions of people paid for Xbox Live. Sony fans JUSTFIED it, saying that it was an additional revenue stream that the competition was using and gave them a level playing field. Nintendo do it and are labelled cunts. Massively different ruleset it seems. I'll wait and see what Nintendo's online service actually is and, more importantly, how much it costs before having a hissy fit.

    Your Thoughts - As a consumer it is your choice whether you buy a product based on the information at hand. If the current set-up isn't for you then that's fair enough, but you very posting here on the forum and your massive rant in this post suggests that you did not taper your expectations, and you are coming across as very upset, petulant and even a little entitled - which is one of the biggest things wrong with gaming right now.

    I wanted a system that would be more powerful than the Vita - my favourite gaming system, despite its known issues - and would give me some fantastic experiences to play as well as many great ones in the future. For me, the immediate future of the Switch offers me more than the Vita now does, so that's a transition I'm happy to make.

    I absolutely cannot believe how quickly and easily you have been influenced. Just four days after the conference we learned that Switch will get a Fire Emblem game, that wasn't initially announced. They are going to constantly drip feed - first party titles at least - at us as time goes on. This isn't everything there is to know. This is just the beginning.
  3. Americo

    Americo Active Member

    I'm with Murphy here. I love my Vita, it's the most underestimated handheld that was tossed too early by the wayside by Sony. The Vita would be the best handheld ever made if Sony did two things. Included L2 and R2 shoulder buttons, and offered the entire PS2 library. Just those two edition would've kept it with me at all times. That said, the 3DS gave me what the Vita has struggled to do. A great library of retro games (mind you, the Vita is no slouch for its library, but not having those shoulder buttons really hindered any chance of having some great ports.

    Both these systems are handhelds (obviously), and they stand out because gaming on the go is still a thing that a lot of folks enjoy. But the 3DS got it right, they gave you what you wanted. And now The Switch is giving me what I want, a console experience on the go. Is it a PS4 console on the go? Of course not. But that's not what I expect from Nintendo. What I expect is a solid UI with solid gameplay, and the magical games that Nintendo is known for. Third party support would be great, but I didn't expect much coming in. It's not like I'm going to play Titanfall 2 on the bus, because that's not possible with the tech available today. But having a full Mario game on the go? Yes please!

    Are the accessories expensive? Yes, but it's Nintendo, I was happy for the $299 price point for a new system. Are the launch titles a little week? Subjective, because even if there are only 5 games, I wasn't planning on getting more than two. And they've got 80 games+ coming down the pipeline. Yeah, I would've loved for Mario to come out as a launch title, but I'm not a rich man, and I've got Zelda to play!

    I'm a multi-system owner. I play Xbox for Halo and Gears of War, I play PS4 for Last of Us, and a whole slew of other Playstation only games, and I play Nintendo for Mario and Zelda. And other than the times I get a great wifi outside of my house to remote play on my Vita, I'm finally going to be able to play a console on the go.

    Being a dad, I rarely get to play games on the main TV anymore, thankfully with remote play on my laptop, and the Wii U gamepad, I can still get my console gaming fix. This is just an extension of what I really want.

    So yeah, I'm still jazzed. And I've actually been contemplating about getting rid of my 3DS. Don't see myself carrying it around as much as I would The Switch.
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  4. Lythene

    Lythene New Member

    I personally don't care about the launch - I'm not going to be able to get my hands on one unless I go back and pre-order it weeks ago.

    That's fine by me though. I'm not going to gamble on it day one when I haven't seen any indication that the initial wave of third party games won't be the last. Aside from Fire Emblem, Nintendo has no hooks in me so third parties are especially important. As it stands I'll not likely care about the Switch until that mainline Fire Emblem entry shows up in a few years. Hopefully it will have something else for me by then as well.
  5. Artist3VOLVE

    Artist3VOLVE Active Member

    Guess I did expect too much from Nintendo as sad of a statement as that was the Vita is years and years old of course its going to lack in power and hardware even though its still is great. But the issue is what I expected was them to handle this somewhat well not just showing us they have many many issues ahead of them honestly I think that conference was a waste of time. Showing games that won't even come out for months and months later isn't a help. Not only that but I was expecting Switch to come in guns blazing so yeah I guess same old nintendo is basically a good way to sum them up.

    Either way I won't be an early adopter. Not a chance.
  6. AnGer-dono

    AnGer-dono Well-Known Member

    I thought some time about getting the system on the first day. Then I questioned whether or not I would want to get a new system and play just one game for the better part of the year on it - Zelda, which I'll definitely get for the Switch - until some more games hit. And I decided not to get a Switch on Day One - maybe around Christmas or early next year, when I can go from Zelda to Xenoblade 2 and maybe have a more in-depth grasp of games to come: Whatever From Software wants to do, whether or not Dragon Quest XI makes it westbound, etc.

    Still, my disappointment is rather minor.
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  7. McFungos

    McFungos New Member

    I will only get the Switch for Xenoblade 2 and no sooner.

    I think that anyone unhappy (i included) doesn't belong to Nintendo targeted audience for the Switch launch.

    Right now Nintendo is targeting its core fans and Japan.

    What is insane is that it's likely to work in Japan.
    Let say it : Nintendo want to kill the PS Vita in Japan
    The proof : Disgaea 5 is releasing on Switch and even a launch game in Japan.
    The back-story 1 : Disgaea 5 could not been ported on PS Vita because it couldn't do the job
    The back-story 2 : Disgaea 3 was a PS Vita launch game in Japan

    Yea the PS Vita is still alive and kicking but as a handheld platerform it's already 5 years old even older than the PS4 and clearly Sony will not make a PS Vita 2.
    In Japan, the Switch can be viewed as the PS Vita successor as a handheld using a more powerful ARM processor and offering games whose price tags won't differ much from PS Vita.
  8. jmontero

    jmontero New Member

    Actually I have not been this excited about a console since.... the PSVita!
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  9. MikeRox

    MikeRox New Member

    I really hope this will be the next Vita. I was disappointed with the presentation though, it actually turned the system from a guaranteed Day 1 purchase, to more of a wait and see.
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