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Overwatch (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Georgina Howlett, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Georgina Howlett

    Georgina Howlett Moderator Staff Member

    Hey all! Anyone play Overwatch? It's been one of my favourite games since its release so I'd love to chat about it if anyone plays! I'm both a PC and a PS4 player, so maybe we can even group up sometime!
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  2. nacsgaming

    nacsgaming Senior Member

    I have been playing it on Xbox. It's a blast!
  3. Georgina Howlett

    Georgina Howlett Moderator Staff Member

    Who's your favourite character(s)? I'm a Mercy main/D.VA main myself!
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  4. nacsgaming

    nacsgaming Senior Member

    I'm a Soldier: 76 guy haha
  5. Georgina Howlett

    Georgina Howlett Moderator Staff Member

    Ah, Mr. Call of Duty himself? Hahaha. He's a good all-round character in truth, though I've not seen him used half as much recently. Not too sure why!
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  6. nacsgaming

    nacsgaming Senior Member

    hahaha he seems to well for me. why change what works? lol
  7. Georgina Howlett

    Georgina Howlett Moderator Staff Member

    I mean, I agree there. I just wish Blizzard did. I wish they'd stop nerfing my bae Mercy ;__;
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  8. nacsgaming

    nacsgaming Senior Member

    hopefully they will stop lol.
  9. JoSoap

    JoSoap Well-Known Member

    I should probably get on this band wagon. However I immediately find myself being shit at any multiplayer shooter that isn’t CSGO
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  10. nacsgaming

    nacsgaming Senior Member

    i haven't even moved to csgo yet lol. I'm still on source, but I'm in the same bpat as you haha. I'm terrible at most shooters except CS
  11. Georgina Howlett

    Georgina Howlett Moderator Staff Member

    I've never tried CS:GO, but I find Overwatch a lot simpler and nicer than traditional shooters because all the weapons are so different and unique. And some aren't even guns!

    So it's definitely worth a try, especially given how cheap you can buy it now!
  12. Popey

    Popey Member

    I'm not an FPS enthusiast but I really enjoyed Overwatch on both PC and PS4... though I'd always drift away from it mid-season as ultimately Overwatch never gave me that sense of achievement that other games bring (i.e. there is nothing to 'complete'). It's a super fun game, but only seeing my season score flinch 1 point after 3 hours of game-play would eventually lead to want to play other things instead and put Overwatch down for several weeks/months.

    That being said, I'd love to see it on Switch. Portable Overwatch? Yes please! Unfortunately I can't quite see it ever happening. :(
  13. Zodasaur

    Zodasaur Well-Known Member

    I've wanted Overwatch for some time now, but a couple of things have kept me away from getting it. I don't want it on PS4 currently because I don't subscribe to PS+, and I wouldn't just for this game alone i'd need more incentive to pay the monthly fee. I don't do Microsoft consoles either. Then the big problem with the PC version for me, is that they locked out the ability to resell the game like you used to be able to do on Blizzard games pre-World of Warcraft. Even though it's unlikely that I wouldn't like the game and want to re-sell it, I feel like it's a right I should have that's worth fighting for. I buy second hand games all the time and I think that's how the industry should stay.

    I quite disliked Diablo after purchasing, and it was great to be able to sell it and recoup my losses!
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018

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