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SNES classic mini

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Fanny Magnet, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Fanny Magnet

    Fanny Magnet Member

    I've just splashed the cash and bought a SNES classic mini for £70.

    It's great, I've hacked it with hakchi and now have 50 games on it. Aiming to get 100.

    Really pleased with it for the money.
    100 games for £70 that's 70p per game.

    Couldn't really afford it but I thought what the hell.
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  2. Zodasaur

    Zodasaur Well-Known Member

    Congrats buddy! The SNES is a very special and wondrous console. Have you played threw Chrono Trigger yet? I almost got one of these myself, but read about how the system has sound glitch error due to apparent sub-par emulation so i'm just going to stick with my original console. I'll definitely be there day one for the Virtualboy classic though because mine was broken by someone years ago. :p
  3. JoSoap

    JoSoap Well-Known Member

    Noice. I just got a Supaboy and a bootleg Chrono Trigger cartridge!
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  4. Fanny Magnet

    Fanny Magnet Member

    No not played Chrono Trigger, but I'll add it next time I do a sync, not noticed a sound glitch, I recon I'll get my monies worth out of it as I never owned the original SNES, I had an Atari 2600 then my next home console was the N64, with a gameboy to keep me going in between, I was studying around the time of the NES and SNES so had no money.

    I won't be buying the NES mini as the SNES mini is an upgrade on that and the SNES mini will do for a bit of retro action. Even though the NES mini is only £50.

    Like I say for £70 with in time 100 games I'll get my monies worth and well it's a new toy and we all like a new toy.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  5. JoSoap

    JoSoap Well-Known Member

    If these mini consoles allowed us to play the cartridges I would’ve bought every single one that came out
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  6. nacsgaming

    nacsgaming Senior Member

    The Sega one does! You can play most genesis carts in the genesis classic console (ive done it and it works great)
  7. Zodasaur

    Zodasaur Well-Known Member

    It works, but the sound quality is baaad! It's even worse sound than the model 3 Genesis.
  8. SONY

    SONY Well-Known Member

    ^ I wish SEGA themselves actually made the thing, because I think it would have been top quality...but then again, I think SEGA really don't want to make anymore gaming hardware at all. I keep wishing for a comeback (console hardware wise) from them :(

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