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Switch Player Forum Rules and Guidelines!

Discussion in 'Rules and Announcements' started by Murphy, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Murphy

    Murphy Founder Staff Member

    Welcome to Switch Player's Community Forums! Our primary aim with these forums is to provide the best Nintendo Switch community on the internet, and we will need your help to achieve that. Please consider the following when using the forum. This is not definitive and is subject to change at any time.


    Basic Rules

    No Bullying, Harassment or Discrimination - This forum is intended for multiple audiences regardless of sex, age, race, or anything else. There is to be no bullying, homophobia, racism or any threatening behaviour of any kind. If you feel that you have been the victim of any unreasonable behaviour or you witness anything along these lines then please report it. There is no place for any of this here and anyone found guilty of such behaviour will find their posting abilities restricted or removed.

    No Illegal Content - This is not a site for finding out how to hack the Switch (or any platform) nor discuss Piracy. Topics of this nature will be removed and repeated offenses will be dealt with.

    No Adult Content - No nudity, or anything unsuitable for younger eyes is to be posted here, whether it be in your post, avatar or signature. Swearing is permitted within reason, the odd F-word here and there will not be reprimanded but we would prefer no C's and please do not litter your post with expletives.

    No Trolling - Nobody likes a troll. We consider any attempts to irritate other members, derail topics or just generally being a nuisance as trolling. You won't get too many warnings. If you are unsure, then it's probably best that you don't.

    No Spam - The very nature of the forum means that it will be necessary to post links to over websites, and when creating posts with news we insist that you do post the original source, but please do not use this opportunity to self promote your own websites, unless you have permission from Paul or Kyle to do so. Anything that is not relevant or any self promotion (without permission) will be dealt with as spam. This extends to status updates and signatures too.

    No Over-Sized Signatures - Speaking of signatures, over-sized signatures are akin to spam - stealing valuable screen real estate from good things like conversation and screenshots. Please keep signatures under 200 pixels tall (including text) and under 800 pixels wide.


    Posting Guidelines

    Double Posting - A double (or multiple) post occurs when the same user posts in a topic before another users responds. Instead of posting again, please use the edit function. Bumping up your topics is also not acceptable.

    No Spoilers - Nobody likes to have story lines or events in games/films/books ruined unexpectedly. Please use spoiler tags in your post to avoid disappointment for others.

    General Discussion - This website is primarily intended as a Nintendo Switch website, but other discussion is encouraged and permitted too. If you wish to discuss other platforms then please do, but no flame wars are allowed. This extends to ANY conversations you have. You are entitled to a point of view and we welcome healthy debate and a difference of opinion, but be prepared to back up discussions with facts. And remember, opinion =/= fact.
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