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Switch Player Issue #7 is Now Available! (Announcement + Feedback Thread)

Discussion in 'Switch Player Magazine' started by Murphy, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Murphy

    Murphy Founder Staff Member


    You must know that we make a Nintendo Switch magazine by now, right? We are back with our SEVENTH issue and this one packs the latest Switch content into 60 pages with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle as the cover game!

    The cover itself is modelled on the fabulous Japanese box-artwork for the original SNES release of Super Mario World, but with a Rabbids twist! Thats not all, in this issue there are words on Nintendo's relationship with former ONM journalist (and Tired Old Hack) Chris Scullion, God is a Geek's Dan Murphy explains why BOTW gave him and experience he never thought he would get and we talk to the NPUK in Basingstoke to find out more about their Nintendo community. Oh, and the latest reviews as well!

    Oh, and did I mention that it's available for free on Issuu? Click THIS LINK to head to issue #7 now!

    As well as a free digital release, you can also enjoy Switch Player in a much more convenient downloadable PDF format, or even in physical PRINT form (posted to your door every month)! All you have to do to access one of these formats is support us on Patreon and we will do the rest! You can also grab physical back issues from our shop, but the only way to GUARANTEE a print copy is our Patreon.

    We hope you enjoy this new issue, and feel free to get in contact with feedback or content proposals. We always want to hear more from the community, and we're open to changing, fixing, or working around any issues you may find to make our product that much better.

    Thanks for reading!
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