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Third Party Support (what do we need?)

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by ArmchairAnarchist, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. ArmchairAnarchist

    ArmchairAnarchist New Member

    Some people will tell you that any system lives or dies based on its third party support (something that is generally thought to be the key reason for the early demise of the WiiU). However, I think what we really mean here is major publisher AAA third party support, lots of systems (especially handhelds) have had a continued interesting line up of indie and Japanese titles long after the yearly FIFA update has stopped appearing.

    So my question is what are the AAA third party titles you are most looking forward to? Or the once that will lol convince you to buy the Switch if you are currently on the fence?

    For me, I would love the new Mass Effect released day and date with other systems. The Switch is the only system that I will be able to put enough time into to justify a purchase. And exactly the same thinking goes to Final Fantasy XV. And finally, I do want FIFA 18 and not a cut down version- on the sofa or train with 20 minutes to spare, it's hard to beat. These plus some great first party games will make me feel that an early purchase was worth every penny.

  2. Murphy

    Murphy Founder Staff Member

    I think the calibre of third part titles really depends on how powerful the system actually is, and how invested in the platform the developers are in the long term.

    Skyrim is the best part of five years old and although not confirmed is looking increasingly likely to be coming; five you old games, re-masters and Wii U ports are fine by me but might not be for the masses. Ultimately it could be seen as a hindrance in the long run, when other systems get more advanced or the latest titles whilst the Switch gets hand-me-downs.

    For me, I'd be all over the bigger releases for convenience as long as they don't run like shit. And it'll be nice to be able to play the more recent FIFA's on the handheld again.
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  3. Kyle

    Kyle Just Some Guy

    Honestly, I just want everyone to have their hand in the cookie jar and be able to do so without too much issue. PlayStation is a great platform to release on because of the ease of getting titles on from ANYONE, and I would love to see Nintendo take the same route. They need to make it easier to get their titles onto the platform, take a broader range, and even encourage it.

    As for specific titles I'd like to see I can't pull any at the moment, but I think it'd be nice to be included in the PS4/XB1 multiplatforms. I understand that the system might not be as powerful in the end depending on their final setup, but they should be in the range to allow slightly downplayed (graphically) versions at the least. Nintendo needs to get back in the "we're one of the big three" race and stop being the goddamn out-lier! :p
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  4. Americo

    Americo Active Member

    Whatever they do, online multiplayer is a must. This system better have a decent online system in order to compete or else it is a struggle from the get-go. Voice chat would be a huge benefit, but that's holding our breaths.

    So, third party games? Obviously we're looking for games that don't need a graphics powerhouse that will make it impossible for the games to come out on The Switch and also games that will actually fit on a cartridge.

    I want to see Marvel vs Capcom 4. I'd like to see Hideo Kojima bring something to the system. A Sonic game is almost a given for the platform, but a great Sonic game would be nice. The new Spider-Man game would be great, but I don't recall if that's Playstation exclusive. Game Freak can't really be called third party, but the rumors of a new Pokémon game would obviously sell some systems. NetherRealms would make me switch my preorder of Injustice Gods Among Us 2 to The Switch if they announced it.

    Tell you the truth, I'm mostly excited about first party games, but I'd love to see strong support from the start from other companies.
  5. SasukeTheRipper

    SasukeTheRipper New Member

    Having Resident Evil 4 on the go would be perfect and I would like to see more exklusives like ZombiU and Bayonetta 2.
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  6. Lythene

    Lythene New Member

    I don't think Nintendo would do well to try and out-compete the current consoles in the AAA space - I think that would end much the same as the Wii U did. What I'd like is well, titles that could really shine on Nintendo hardware, but don't get the attention they deserve when put up against the big guns. For a long time I've been wanting to see less of the norm from big publishers and more variety - and I think the Switch would be a perfect fit for those. The biggest western companies account for a tiny fraction of the games I play, but they offer up the occasional gem that proves they can have fresh ideas and a variety of genres if they wanted to. The current consoles are a great place to play the usual games - but Nintendo could reinforce the idea that the Switch is where you play all the games that feel fresh. That seems like something they'd like associated with their brand, and it carves them a niche that meshes well with Nintendo's ideals and existing fan-base.

    As for specifics... I don't really have any in mind. By all means have your ports and your multi-platform games, I'm all for those, but I think they should really try to differentiate themselves from Sony and Microsoft. I'm hoping for a change of direction rather than just another console with all the same games, albeit with fancier remote-play and a new Zelda.
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  7. 2048Dan

    2048Dan New Member

    I want racing games and western RPG's. I really hope Skyrim runs well on it.

    AAA from third parties is one thing, but I also hope they get a lot of indie games similar to what we have on the Vita.
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  8. Renegade Bastard

    Renegade Bastard Senior Member

    Honestly in regards to 3rd party AAA game support? I would be very happy if we even just got tons of seventh generation console games ported over to Switch from the PS3 / Xbox 360! The Switch has more than enough silicon power to run seventh generation games very well, so performance wouldn't be an issue in either docked or portable mode.

    PS3 and Xbox 360 had some amazing 3rd party games as well! There is no denying that. ;)
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  9. Blu Cry

    Blu Cry Well-Known Member

    I think there is one genre of games which will be ideal for the switch and that's moba's. Now it maybe be unpopular with your typical nintendo fan but to make 3rd party games come flocking, u need games with massive followings. With nintendo also saying they want in on the competitive side of gaming, moba's make the most money in the pro scene. Games like overwatch scratch two genres with the fps element bringing players from cod and bf.
    There is a great mobile moba called vainglory which uses only touch screen controls which could be adapted to the switch. They also run events all year and have a very decent following.

    To top this off, nintendo could maybe think about making their own moba using their own ip characters which would be epic! If pulled off, it could be a rival to dota2 and LoL.
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  10. keresmatic

    keresmatic Member

    The kind of third party support I would most like to see is smaller games, not simply downgraded Switch versions of PS4/XB1 games. Examples from the DS include Ghost Trick, Henry Hatsworth, Aliens Infestation, Solatorobo, etc. These probably wouldn't be huge sellers, but they would really improve the quality of the library and give it some charm.

    Switch versions of PS4/XB1 games are fine, I'm not against them, especially for people who don't have a PS4/XB1/PC, but I'm not clamoring for them.
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  11. Zodasaur

    Zodasaur Well-Known Member

    I think it would be incredible to see World of Warcraft for Switch. In portable mode they could let you use the touchscreen for your techniques and spells then in docked mode they could just let you plug in a keyboard and mouse. In my personal opinion the console version of Diablo 3 and StarCraft were both absolutely fantastic and I'd love for Blizzard to attempt porting more of their pc games over.
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  12. DeathMoJo

    DeathMoJo Active Member

    I would totally agree that a Diablo 3 type game would be do well and especially if they nail the multiplayer for local and online play.

    I honestly don't see 3rd party developers making a triple AAA title for PS4/Xbox One and then making a Switch version because it just won't be held to the same standard as well as not run as well. Don't get me wrong, would love to see it just don't see it happening.

    What I would like to see is triple AAA series games set in the same universe but made specifically for the Switch. Since Unreal 4 engine supports the Switch (not sure of all the dynamics and details) I could envision a PC/Switch cross release to make it worthwhile for the developer to at least make games for the Switch and not hope it sells well on one platform.

    I would love some action adventure games like Uncharted, Quantum Break, etc. as well as a strategy-lite game that uses the touch screen to allow for proper control. I don't expect a full-blown Civilization but something like it would be great.

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