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What are your biggest concerns with the Switch?

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by Murphy, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Murphy

    Murphy Founder Staff Member

    Naturally, a three minute video throws up more questions than it answers. There is so much that we don't know about the unit which won't come until January, which offers up some time for debating. What are you most concerned about with the Switch?

    The few things that I'm cautious of are:

    Battery: Typically speaking, I'm not overly concerned about that battery life. I'll predominantly be playing it in handheld mode of course, since that's much more convenient for me but there will not be that many times where I can play for many hours at a time. Many are speculating on the possible battery life; or lack thereof and 3-5 hours seems to be the estimate here. Whilst that's fine for me (it's what the more intensive Vita games generates after all) it may not be for everyone and could impact the system's wider appeal.

    Games: That launch line-up is going to be crucial. It's not something that Nintendo has ever done particularly well, systems tend to launch with a couple of big games and then more in a "window". For this to get off the ground effectively it's going to need a huge amount to play and get people excited. The knock-on effect of this will be how much of a gap will there be between the next titles? There needs to be a steady flow of quality games to keep the interest and momentum going, and they need to be a variety of unique titles as well as multiplatform ones.

    Comfort: We don't know exact dimensions, but this thing looks like it's somewhere between the size of a Wii U gamepad and a Vita. That's hardly what I'd call "comfortably portable" so how comfortably is it going to be to actually play? Will it ache your hands after a couple of hours? Will it feel natural and intuitive when playing? And given that the Pro controller's design is slightly different to the Joy-Con set up, and of course playing the Joy-Cons separately how easy will it be to play with essentially three differing button layouts to memorise?
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  2. Kyle

    Kyle Just Some Guy

    How secure is the Joy-Con connection to the Switch? - I'm really hoping it's not flimsy as Nintendo hardware has been in the past, as buying a new Switch yearly due to not being able to connect the controller would be ridiculous.

    Third party support? - I'm hoping that we get some of the multiplatform (XB1/PS4) titles, able to take them on the go. First party Nintendo games are great and all, but I'm kind of hoping this thing is what the Vita isn't with regards to inclusion due to its hybrid functionality.

    That battery! - Like Paul, I'm concerned that the battery won't last long enough to be useful. There SHOULD be sufficient battery tech out there, but whether it was skimped on for price reasons is another story.
  3. Lythene

    Lythene New Member

    My main concern is that so far almost everything we know is about the hardware, and there's little concrete information about software. I thought the golden rule among gamers was that software sells hardware - but everyone seems to have lost their minds over the device itself. I suspect Nintendo will show us more on the software side of things during their next event, but it's worrisome to me that the internet has already declared it a winner. Is their much 3rd party faith in the device? I'm personally only interested in one of Nintendo's (current) IPs, so 3rd party support is key to me. Having all those names shown in one graphic is great for PR purposes but it means almost nothing.

    Their marketing strategy is much better this time around at least: Announce the very vague "NX" and stay quiet as gaming media outlets lose their minds for months trying to deduce what the thing is - almost everyone who uses the internet knows they're working on something new. Definitely fixes one of the problems the Wii U had. Plus, Nintendo is expecting to ship a paltry 2 million units during launch - this thing is going to sell out everywhere almost instantly and everyone's going go nuts trying to get one whenever more become available (sound familiar?) So it'll sell. Cu dose to their marketing team, though I really want to punch them in the face.

    My interest is piqued, but I'm also very wary - which I think is probably the best attitude to approach the Switch with.
  4. ArmchairAnarchist

    ArmchairAnarchist New Member

    I agree that battery life is going to be a potential concern (and will the base unit be charging the controllers as well?) - but for my most common use, handheld at home, approx four hours will be fine as I can easily plug in.

    My worry is how games will translate between the screens (handheld and TV) - as anyone who has tried vita remote play knows certain elements that work fine on a 40" screen just don't scale. In particular is text in games can be too small (whereas in reverse I imagine if designed for small screen will look too big and out of place on TV). Things like art choice, draw distance, texture detail are all decided on system they will appear on, so my concern is how does Nintendo stop it looking like a blown up handheld on the tele and shrunken image on tablet? Is there a middle ground?
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  5. Americo

    Americo Active Member

    Battery life, docked screen resolution, HDD space, universal charging (no proprietary stuff), system price, and after talking to a couple of game developer friends of mine who have said that they don't know anyone (other than me) that wants the system nor that it's even on their radar; I'm concerned about third party support.
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  6. Artist3VOLVE

    Artist3VOLVE Active Member

    Well I say Nintendo needs to get the bad stuff out now. Let us know ahead of time what the specs are and what games will and will not be when and where. Last thing we need is confusion like the Vita had when PSO2 was announced and was assumed to come to US.

    We need battery life, more details about this joycon nonsense and more details about the Switch's screen and how it tries to handle its handheld vs docked scenarios. I want no hidden garbage. Give me what I need, Sony does it right but Nintendo is always fidgety so hopefully they do it right.
  7. AnGer-dono

    AnGer-dono Well-Known Member

    Ranked from least to most important:

    Specs: Don't care at all. Specs rarely ever matter to me when it comes to consoles, the only type of system where I'm worried about specs are PCs. Next!

    Hardware: Good battery life is mandatory, though I'm more concerned about how the screen will handle light conditions while playing on the go. Other than that, I'm interested in when and how I can buy a dock and what the tablet section has to offer. Do we get an expandable memory in the form of SD cards? What WiFi standard will the system support (802.11 ac should be mandatory as of now)? Is Bluetooth included? Can I swap the battery in case it dies? Those are the hardware features I find the most interesting, as they actually play a part in usability.

    Services: Nintendo should ditch the tieing of digital software to hardware already and make a full-fledged account system that allows me to manually deactivate devices that were lost or stolen. Games like Mario Kart I'd actually prefer to buy digitally b/c it allows me to throw in a quick session without switching the card in the system or having to have the card on me at all times. That's really the most important service I want, everything else is facultative. (OK, maybe the ditching of those bloody region locks)

    Games: The most important thing of all. Yes, having power is nice, but to me, having power while none or very few of the games are appealing isn't precisely a reason to buy a device exclusively dedicated to the consumption of said games. And, contrary to other posters above, I'll say that the launch line-up is not crucial at all. It's important, yes, but the higher importance should be placed on a steady long-term support of quality software by both Nintendo and third-party developers. To quote Jim Sterling in his 2013 video 'Launch Splooge', "if you start day one by firing every damn gun you have, what're you gonna fire on day two? Day three? Day four?" Having a 'launch window' where games are spread out over the course of, say, three months, is not a bad idea at all and it allows the individual games to have more breathing room and, in theory, be more complete. The next question is the question of third-party support, and I agree that posting a picture with a bunch of company logos means nothing, if those companies don't have anything in the works and, more importantly, are going to stick with the system after the initial batch was released. This is where the Wii U failed mostly and Nintendo needs to fix that by making the system worth owning for the consumers and thus, worth developing for to the developers. Because nobody, and I mean NOBODY, will want to develop games for a system nobody wants in the first place.
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  8. mr_chun

    mr_chun New Member

    My only concern is whether other people are going to buy it or not.
  9. Americo

    Americo Active Member

    Well, I am for sure. So that's one console sold. :p
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  10. Kusengai

    Kusengai Member

    Another one sold right here! ;)
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  11. Artist3VOLVE

    Artist3VOLVE Active Member

    I think if we are here then that pretty much confirms a purchase xD
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  12. Olliemar

    Olliemar Moderator Staff Member

    My main concern is storage. The rumours suggest it will be 32GB with the option to expand to 128GB, which for me is just not enough. I prefer digital to physical games these days - mainly to save space in the house - so I'll need a lot of storage on the Switch.
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  13. Kusengai

    Kusengai Member

    Valid Point but I wouldn’t mind a vita-like system where you can swap the cards. My five different cards for the vita have trained me to remember the locations of the most used games and it would be a nice way to organise “sessions” with special combinations of classics and new titles for different situations. :)
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  14. Murphy

    Murphy Founder Staff Member

    As @Kusengai says, as long as you can "hot-swap" memory cards with no issues, that'll have to be the solution. As long as it comes with some form of memory built in, that's a start. Then again, it does depend on how big these games are - 32GB+128GB is a huge amount of space if games are the size of Vita titles. Rumours of 16GB/32GB cartridges could indicate that it'll be nowhere near enough for that.

    We'll soon find out, but I do intend on maintaining a full physical collection for the Switch, even the gash games.
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  15. FX102A

    FX102A New Member

    My biggest concerns regarding the Switch would be:

    Sub-par battery life
    Weak build quality for a portable
    Non-expandable memory
    Expensive proprietary memory cards
    Slow online features
    No option to fit a d-pad to the console itself
    An excessively high price tag
  16. AnGer-dono

    AnGer-dono Well-Known Member

    In the leaked patents (well, not so much 'leaked' as they were just released to the public by the U.S. Patent Office), it was found that the Switch will utilize microSDXC cards to expand memory. So that worry (and the worry about non-expandable memory) can be laid to rest.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017
  17. Jawessome

    Jawessome Active Member

    Now that we have seen a reveal, my concern lies with Nintendo's weakness - third party games.

    I can't imagine a console launch packed with every genre you could imagine, but Sony and MS have taken the mainstream lead over Nintendo for their phenomenal third party support.

    It's what has let me down with every Nintendo console bar the NES / SNES and Gameboy era..

    What killed it utterly for me is the pricepoint of the console itself. In Australia, they are asking for $470!!!

    This is no games, no Nintendo membership - just the console. For $470! A console less powerful than my PS4?

    If Nintendo released a sh*t hot list of titles, I'd be tempted.

    Right now, the system doesn't do anything my PS4, PS3, 360 and Vita can't achieve..
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  18. Americo

    Americo Active Member

    It does one thing the others don't. It plays Zelda. ;)
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  19. Pixel

    Pixel New Member

    I rather just play that on my Wii U. I'm disappointed Super Mario Odyssey isn't coming out near launch.
  20. Artist3VOLVE

    Artist3VOLVE Active Member

    Yeah that Mario title really does look amazing. It truly does.

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