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What's the most interesting thing about the Switch (to you)?

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by Kyle, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. Kyle

    Kyle Just Some Guy

    With my recent choices and directions I've thought about it quite a bit, and the most interesting thing about the Switch to me is how versatile a system it is. With a single core unit and dock you can play single player as a portable, single player on the TV, local multiplayer as a portable, local multiplayer on the TV, Switch - Switch multiplayer, and internet multiplayer. That's covering just about every gaming situation you can think of with 1-2 people and with more controllers or consoles it easily expands past that no matter what the configuration.

    The possibilities seem endless, and the crazy thing is that you can play the same game across any of those options. That kind of thing is what I've been waiting for from Nintendo, and it's a big part of why I'm in day one.

    So, now that you know what I think...

    What's the most interesting thing about the Switch (to you)?
  2. crisoc

    crisoc New Member

    *hopefully* being able to play a range of indie and AAA titles on my tv AND on a commute.

    just hope i don't become 'Karen' to my friends.
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  3. Murphy

    Murphy Founder Staff Member

    For me, handheld gaming is about convenience. It's the reason handhelds have been my primary gaming platform for 25 years and why I love(d) the Vita so much.

    With such a busy household and a busy life I simply don't have the command over the time and television to play console games in depth. The support for the Vita IS drying up and remote play just doesn't do it for me. The potential for the Switch to not only continue to provide the level of games I have become accustomed to, but also offer me more third party genres that actually appeal to me is very alluring.

    Of course, we've had many false dawns with Nintendo systems, but this one feels very different. The proof will be in the pudding of course, but at the very least it will offer more things for me to play than the Vita will give me over the next couple of years.

    Plus I'm looking forward to smashing it with (hopefully) some Mario Kart, Splatoon and maybe even Pokémon in the future with you lot. Got to be worth a go for fun, right?
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  4. ArmchairAnarchist

    ArmchairAnarchist New Member

    I'm in a similar position to Murphy, in that the thing that appeals most is the portability and convenience. Although I do have a PS4 under the television for the last few years it has been my vita that has been my go to gaming device - work commute and when family watching the TV.

    I skipped the WiiU(like so many) so even the remasters are really attractive to me - Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Zelda. And if the rumoured Ubisoft rpg is true - sounds fun. But I do want to see some of the great Japanese vita titles making their way over.
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  5. Americo

    Americo Active Member

    I own a Wii U, and one of the things about being a married gamer is that the TV is never yours. So I love the fact that I can play the Wii U on the gamepad, I also love the fact that I can play my PS4 on my laptop. I love my 3DS and Vita, but there's something about playing multiplayer games that helps me wind down.

    What I love about this is the idea of console quality games on the go. Nintendo does innovative ideas, sometimes at the detriment to themselves, but they've always been ahead of curve, and I'm looking forward to what else it can do.
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  6. Link41

    Link41 Senior Member

    Hearing Bethesda actually excited about the system has me excited. I can certainly see Skyrim on there in future! And perhaps the inevitable GOTY of Fallout 4, I can dream ;)
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  7. Lythene

    Lythene New Member

    The thing that has me most excited isn't the hardware or even the software - but rather seeing Nintendo appearing to have pulled their head out of their arse. The idea is simple, appealing, and while still technically a gimmick, doesn't affect the games themselves, and (hopefully) won't spawn any ridiculous control schemes or software gimmicks.
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  8. 2048Dan

    2048Dan New Member

    It's simple and portable. No double screens, no gimmicks, just a proper gaming platform.
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  9. Murphy

    Murphy Founder Staff Member

    Oh there are gimmicks, you can bet on it. But the gimmicks aren't being pushed as the main marketing point, at least not in the teaser. The inevitable touch screen, the removable Joy-Cons and even the connecting to the TV is a little gimmick-y. The focus appears to be on a gaming experience that is fun and can be played anywhere.

    For lack of a better marketing term, it's suggesting it's "console quality anywhere".
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    PONGbyATARI Member

    To me the Switch being a portable system with enough power to make a great console experience is what's most exciting. Also I am confident Nintendo is on the right path with the Switch inexpensive dev kits third party support will grow and grow plus the ease of porting and making games for the system. There's been a lot of buzz about the Switch the most I have seen in several years for any console release that's a damn good sign for Nintendo and the gaming community.
  11. warrior30

    warrior30 Well-Known Member

    The handheld factor, I prefer handhelds and switch looks to be everything I've always wanted in a portable. Great Nintendo First Party Games, JRPG and Indies, yes I know it's not a full on handheld as you can dock to tv play, but I'm using this mainly as a handheld!
  12. alvmk

    alvmk Semi-Active Member

    A portable powerhouse of sorts. I mean the Switch finally does what the Vita promised to do.

    To be honest the gimmick this time isn't as bad as the 3d from thr 3ds or the second screen monstrosity from the Wii U. The gimmick is actually something which makes the system more desirable.
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  13. Renegade Bastard

    Renegade Bastard Senior Member

    Amen! Vita came close, but ultimately fell flat on it's face and dropped the ball. Nintendo picked up the ball where Sony fumbled it and ran it in for a touchdown!

    Now all I'm waiting for is western 3rd party AAA games to hit the Switch and I'll be in gaming paradise! That is what excites me most about the Switch.

    Please please please, Nintendo. Don't let the Switch stagnate and become only a JRPG and Indie games machine like Vita was. Don't let me down! I have faith in you, Nintendo. :cool:
  14. DeathMoJo

    DeathMoJo Active Member

    Echo what many have said, the Switch has the potential to everything that I wanted from my Vita. I loved the portability of the Vita, backwards compatability for two generations worth of games, remote play and graphics power for a handheld. As much as I enjoy a good indie or JRPG, I like a variety of games and that is something the Vita started to lack as time went on.

    The Switch sets the stage well for its potential, the ability to played handheld and switch to dock mode is awesome. The various uses of the joy-cons and controller setups, especially being able to play Mario Kart right off the bat with the family without having to shell out more money. Nintendo has a strong library of its own and would love to see more Indie and 3rd party support. If they can get Virtual Console and the online part right, I see long time support from me!
  15. strangeseraph

    strangeseraph New Member

    I'm very interested to see what the future firmware updates are going to include. I would love an eBook reader on my Switch, the screen is nice and big. Nintendo can do all sorts of interesting things with this firmware. The 3DS firmware just became cluttered and designed to sell you a bunch of cheapo games. But I think they could really add some great stuff here. Remember PictoChat on the DS? What about a browser?

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