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What's Your Nintendo History?

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by Murphy, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Murphy

    Murphy Founder Staff Member

    So, where did your Nintendo journey begin? Will the Switch be your first entry point with Nintendo's hardware? Or have you been a lone-time stalwart?

    I've always been a long-time Nintendo fan. I've owned every system in some form or another since the GameBOY, but I kind of lost serious interest shortly after the release of the Wii. Personally, I felt that Nintendo's attempts to engage and attract a wider audience ultimately resulted in the introduction of gaming gimmicks, which although fun and interesting at first ended up becoming detrimental. A lack of engaging games and content resulted in me looking elsewhere for games, but I've always had a little soft spot for them.

    My journey first started in 1989 with the GameBOY. It actually wasn't mine, it was my mother's but I played the life out of that. We didn't have a tremendous amount of money, so my experiences were quite limited with it, but I did smash many hours of Tetris, Radar Mission, DynaBlaster and a few others, as well as playing through Super Mario Land and the follow-up, Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins which I borrowed off my friend.

    The absolute best experience I had with my GameBoy was The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which I completed many times over and I'd say quite confidently is my most favourite game of all-time.

    In the early 1990s my parents bought me a SNES as a flawed attempt to get me to engage better at school. It did work initially, but a lack of games to play meant that once I'd smashed all 96 exits in Super Mario World there wasn't much else to do, although I did play a lot of Super Probotector and Top Gear.

    In 1997 I had a job, and lived on my own, so I was able to buy myself a N64 on launch, although it barely had any games. I ended up having a blast with it, with the many great experiences the system had. Shortly afterwards I bought myself a GameBOY Colour and got into Pokémon, which fuelled the majority of my Nintendo love. Over the subsequent years, the Gameboy Advance, the Gamecube, the DS and then the Wii followed with Pokémon training, battling and levelling taking up the most of my time before the release of the Wii.

    In 2007 I traded it all in for a 360 and thought that was me done, and despite in recent years the Vita being my preferred system of choice, I (well, my son) own(s) a Wii U and I own a New 3DS and I've always stayed in touch with the brand in some capacity.

    Nintendo has always struggled with third party support, but there's something charming and immersive with Nintendo's titles that I don't feel is replicated anywhere else. The only game I've played in the last five years that I feel has that charm is Tearaway, and it's that sort of thing that always reels me back in.

    There have been many great experiences I've had on the Vita, and right now it's my favourite gaming system of all time. Not because it's PlayStation, because of the great experiences it has given me. If that calibre of gaming can be provided on the Switch, supplemented by the great, core Nintendo brands then I'll be impressed. Roll on March!
  2. Lythene

    Lythene New Member

    When I was a kid, we had a SNES in the house. I didn't play many games considered classics, but I had fun with what was available.
    My neighbour, who was in my class at school too, had an N64 at the time. I played Smash Bros a lot there, and Clay Fighter.
    Around the same time my brother bought a Game Cube and gave me his old GBA SP. Thus began my crippling Fire Emblem addiction. That was also when I was introduced to the Tales series, which I really liked until the PS3 entries.
    A few years later I got a DS Lite, played a bunch of the same stuff I'd played on the GBA: Pokemon, Fire Emblem, FFTA.
    I skipped both the Wii and the Wii U - my friend has a Wii so I had cursory exposure but I wasn't impressed. Same with the Wii U, but a different person. I did have to play the Wii Fire Emblem, but that's about it.
    I've got two 3DSs now, both the Fire Emblem editions (Surprise!) I find them to be... somewhat lack-lustre. Pokemon kind of lost its charm (for me) after X & Y, so I've only got a handful of 3DS games. Couple gems there, but most with significant drawbacks.

    Over the years I've gone back and played older games I didn't have at the time, and bought a lot of the games I didn't own myself.

    I don't know when I'll get a Switch, but I probably will. If they release a Fire Emblem it's a done deal, but if not... well I won't have to worry about trying to get my hands on one around launch at least. Seems odd, posting on a Switch forum not as a Nintendo fan, and uncertain that I'll even get a Switch. But my interest is piqued and I'm... hopeful, if not terribly optimistic about it.
  3. Kyle

    Kyle Just Some Guy

    While a lot of my firsts on the console will probably never be remembered as I was very young when we got it, I started with a NES system and ended up with every major Nintendo home console system after that (until the Wii and Wii U which I skipped). As for portables, I had an original gameboy, a colour, an Advance, a DS, and a 3DS over the years. Nintendo was my brand of choice for gaming as a kid, and it wasn't until the PlayStation that I tasted fruit from another console tree. They introduced me to gaming, and inevitably lead me here. :)
  4. Link41

    Link41 Senior Member

    My first game that I played was Super Mario Bros. on NES and it was enjoyable. But the first system/game that I owned was the Nintendo 64 and the game that came with it that magical Christmas was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I was floored by what I was playing at the time, games had moved on from simply moving from one side of the screen to the next. Hyrule felt like a living, breathing place to me. I was not only a fan of Zelda from that point, I was also a huge video game fan from then on.

    I acquired a Game Boy Color for my birthday the following year and would eventually be introduced to Pokemon Silver and many other lovely handheld experiences that defined my childhood. When I started high school, Game Boy Advance had launched and I was there day 1. GameCube was another favourite system of mine with The Wind Waker/Twilight Princess being among my top games on the system. Then the DS came out and rocked my handheld world, it was probably when I played handheld games the most I would say. Then the Wii came out(say what you want to, the Wii was an epic system ;P ). Despite the vast amount of shovelware that came out on Wii, I was knee deep playing the likes of: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword/Donkey Kong Country Returns/Super Mario Galaxy 1&2/Metroid Prime Trilogy/the Goldeneye reboot/Fire Emblem/Mario Kart/Super SMash Bros. Brawl and many others. Still I found myself drawn to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 over time. I quickly picked the remaining Sony systems I didn't have and became a huge Sony fan as well. Microsoft was fun for awhile, but I quickly grew tired of their repetitive 1st Party output and never even bothered with an Xbox One.

    Moving on I was there for Day 1 3DS/Vita launches which massively re-ignited my passion for handheld games with too many great games to list. Then came the Wii U... I'll say that I don't regret getting the system, but I regret getting it at launch. I've come to deeply enjoy the Wii U as of late and I will enjoy the games I played on it, especially as it is the first system that I ever played multiplayer games on with my kids. With the Switch coming up and Nintendo hopefully full of lessons learned from this past generation, I look forward to seeing what the next generation brings from Nintendo!
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  5. 2048Dan

    2048Dan New Member

    My first gaming device was a Nintendo, a Game & Watch! It was the one called Fire where you bounce the little dudes into the ambulance. But the only console I had as a kid was an Intellivision, I had to play NES at my friends house (we thought Top Gun was the best game ever made...). Instead of consoles I had computers. Vic-20 and C64, then later PC's. 99% of the games I've played have been on computers. I didn't get into console gaming until recently with the PS3 and now the PS4 and Vita. The Vita gets used the most since my job requires me to be on the move.

    So not a big Nintendo fan here. I'm the kind of guy who gets more excited to see a remaster of Skyrim than the latest Zelda. But if I can take that Skyrim on the go... count me in. :)
  6. Kusengai

    Kusengai Member

    My history with Nintendo started with the Gameboy. My parents got me one even though I couldn’t read anything. Guess who was constantly pestered to read something. Later the same year the SNES was a Christmas present for my brother and me. We both failed horribly at the classic Super Mario and loved Bomberman – till this day I never finished the first two games of the All-Stars Collection. Later the place of my favourite game was taken by Pokémon Blue, which most likely started my crippling Pokémon-addiction.

    Then came the Nintendo 64 which made me a N-fanboy. The old N64 is still n use and Donkey Kong 64 and the Banjo-Games are all time favourites of mine. The Gameboy Advance was a really interesting case. I literally only own four games with Pokémon Emerald nearly burned into the cartridge slot and over 500 hours into it. The interest in consoles stopped pretty much after the Wii and I took the opportunity to play on the go with my 3DS.

    After that I switched – Not even sorry for this joke! – to the PS Vita as Persona 4 Golden and Soul Sacrifice were pretty interesting titles. Later I bought a pretty cheap PS3 to add some other games. And now I am waiting for Legend of Zelda and the Switch :D
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    PONGbyATARI Member

    My first Nintendo system the NES was the 3rd game system I purchased with the Magnavox Odyssey and Sega Master System being the first two. Since then I have always kept current with all systems including Nintendo consoles and handhelds. The original Zelda was the first game that really hooked me and has kept my gaming hobby going for almost four decades. I really believe Nintendo has something special with the Switch and we are all going to be pleasantly surprised come March 3rd.
  8. Jawessome

    Jawessome Active Member

    Great stories everyone. Paul's probably mirrors mine the most.

    As a young lad, I was lucky enough to get a Sega Master System II from my parents for Christmas. This would initially ensure my childhood loyalty was with Sega. My brother in law had a NES and he would lend it to me on occasion. Many hours were spent playing Duck Hunt, the brutal Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Super Mario Bros (by far the biggest time sink). My best friend at the time also had a NES and we'd rent games from the local video store.

    When we were heading to Poland to visit my family, we stopped in Singapore during a stopover and my dad took me to an electronics store. There was some Sega console I never heard of called a Game Gear and dad haggled the guy down to $20 for the unit. It was either that or a Zelda Game & Watch for the same price.

    My heart made a choice. Zelda. It was my first G&W title and I loved it. Owned it in mint condition to this day.

    Even though I never owned a NES, I could feel that Nintendo 'magic'. There was something iconic about the grey, black and red controllers. About how you'd load the cartridges and the plastic slipcases they would come in. It all just ticked the right boxes..

    In school, there was always someone with a Gameboy and I fell in love with the first ever major handheld on long bus trips as did most people.

    One of my friends during high school went to Honk Kong and came back with a Nintendo Gameboy Pocket which was a revelation! Smaller, lighter and a sharper screen. This was a time when console refreshes were few and far between (only Sega had really done it with the Mega Drive) and I couldn't believe that Nintendo had perfected the Gameboy to such a degree.

    I 'rented' it from him as sort of a lay buy payment plan. It came with a knock off 95 in 1 game cart which had King of Fighters '95. I played the heck out of it.

    Sadly the payment plan didn't work out as I was a kid with almost zero money so the GB Pocket went back to my friend..

    Despite owning a Mega Drive, I snagged a SNES fairly late into it's life cycle as there was a cheap package deal which included Killer Instinct and an arcade style joystick. I was working as a casual so could just afford it. I would mainly rent games for it and loved Mario Allstars, Mario Kart and the Donkey Kong Country titles. Again, the hardware felt iconic. You could sense the Japanese influence as the range of games on it were very different to Mega Drive ones. So many RPGs and titles you'd never really see on the MD.

    My next Ninty purchase was the N64. I remember EGM had an article about the N64 and saying it'll hold up just fine despite the games being cartridge based. Plus, being a huge Star Wars nut, Shadows of the Empire was the system seller for me. I got the SOTE edition and I remember how my friend and I marvelled at the 'cutting edge' graphics when we first played the Battle of Hoth.

    I amassed a huge collection of titles on the system and really enjoyed it. Looking back now $140AU for WWF Attitude was a crock but that's young gamer adults for you..

    The gutsy hardware releases like the expansion pak & rumble paks made playing titles like Rogue Squadron and Perfect Dark all well worth the price of admission.

    I would stay off the Nintendo train for the whole Gamecube era. Instead going to the Dreamcast after being frustrated by Nitnendo's poor third party support. There was nothing on the GC to really sway me.

    When the Wii was about to launch, I was working at EB Games and we were lucky enough to be invited to a hands on party prior to launch. I must admit like everyone else, I was blown away by the interactivity offered through the motion control concept. This really felt like the next step.

    Launch day came and I was sold. I still own the Wii and some games are really fantastic. GC backwards compatibility actually had my tracking down some GC controllers, memory cards and games I never had the privilege of getting my hands on. I was even able to complete my first Zelda title - Windwaker! Despite playing many Zelda games across tons of platforms, I never actually finished them. I got heaps of titles through virtual console and even jailbroke the console to play homebrew on it. Eventually the third party problems led me to move on to the 360.

    In the meantime I also acquired a DS Lite and enjoyed it. Mark Kart was fun, as were the Professor Layton games. New Super Mario Bros scratched that retro itch and I even picked up a few GBA titles to play on it.

    I grabbed a 3DS after again getting caught up in the hardware 'gimmick'. I saw gimmick as it did what it promised, but 3D just isn't that appealing. That 3D switch on my 3DS stays permanently down to off. I have a few titles on it, but ultimately the Vita dominates this house hold as handheld of choice.

    Now the Switch comes along and despite telling myself I would pass due to price, lack of games, online disparity etc, there was something there.

    That Nintendo 'magic' calling to me. I heard Mario Kart comes out in a month, so I saved my pennies and grabbed a Switch along with Zelda. Despite never docking the console (I don't really intend to) so far, I am not regretting the purchase...
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  9. My first console was a SNES, first handheld a GameBoy.
    Played a lot N64 local multiplayer with school friends, especially Turok2 and Mario Kart.
    Skipped Gamecube, had a Wii, skipped WiiU basically because I prefer to play on handhelds since my daughter was born and I play in smaller sessions (and have to share the TV, haha).
    So, PS Vita and PSTV was my best combo for the last years, now Switch seems to be a good successor hardwarewise :)
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  10. Justin

    Justin Member

    My first system was the NES that my grandpa bought for my brother and I in the late 80s. Little did he know how much of an impact it had on my life. Videogaming is by far my longest running hobby. From there I got a SNES for Christmas in 1996. I bought it from a friend with a bunch of games and I still have everything to this day. The SNES is still my favorite system of all time.

    I have in my possession every Nintendo home console released in NA. Except for the Virtual Boy which is a gray area. I have most systems but prefer Nintendo because they offer a unique gaming experience that you can't get anywhere else.
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  11. Fanny Magnet

    Fanny Magnet Member

    Didn't own a nes or snes. Bit early for me.

    Started with the Gameboy. Owned a DS and 3DS, in terms of handhelds. I'm generally a handheld gamer.

    Owned a N64, Gamecube, Wii and Wii U. Although the Wii and Wii U were little used (sold not long after purchase).

    Even owned a Virtual Boy.

    Really like the look of the Switch, principally for handheld gaming. But it's pricey, if I had the money i'd buy it.

    Now a vita user, principally due to cost.
  12. strangeseraph

    strangeseraph New Member

    Okay, far warning, this story includes a fair bit of Sony love. I never bought an Xbox though, as it happens.

    Ahem: My family was broke. So we didn't get the NES until the mid-90s, when our cousins got a new SNES and gave us their old broken down system. The cords had electrical tape on them and you had to insert a second NES game into the top to hold the first down enough for it to play. Yes, sacrilege, we were really bad to our systems. Anything to get one more round of Tetris in, beat one more level of Mario...

    We kind of skipped the SNES when it came out because my cousins had it and we could just go to their house to play. I eventually got that when they moved onto the next one. My sister decided to get herself a PS1 when she moved into her own place and we were on the Sony track for while, but I did get my cousin's old Gameboy and all his games so I had some Tetris for a long time.

    In University I was addicted to The Sims on PCC. My friend had the Gamecube and we would play Mario Kart and Animal Crossing for ages in her dorm. I didn't get a GBA until I was done with university, in the early 2000's, and I had a small collection of games I loved. Then my apartment got robbed and I never saw my GBA again. ;__; I decided to quit c0nsole video games for the longest time and joined the PC set, playing The Sims for the most part. I then got a PS2 later when I moved into my first apartment and was no longer living with friends so that I could play Legend of Mana. It was a game my sister and I shared a lot of time over after she moved out, so I remember that game fondly. I started getting some of the game magazines and learned about the Nintendo DS that was going to be coming out, and saw all the information for it. I want to reiterate that I was broke and the PS2 I had was second hand, so I couldn't get the DS at launch. I DID get the PSP launch when it came out, saved up every penny, and I finally had some money of my own coming in, so the PSP was the first system I ever bought at launch and a friend of mine, who also got the PSP, asked me if I wanted to buy his DS so he could afford to get some games for it, so I went in on the PSP with him and got the DS and it was like meeting an old friend again. I don't know how long I had the PSP, but I sold all my games for it (except Lumines) and bought all the DS games I could. Eventually the PSP was sold so I could buy the DS I at its launch. (I skipped the DS Lite somehow. Money again I guess!) I've been on the Nintendo bandwagon ever since, bought the Wii at launch, but the 3DS at launch, and bought the "New" 3DS Animal Crossing edition as soon as it hit North American. I'll hopefully be getting my Switch for my birthday next month, but if not June. Money is always the issue. On another Sony note, I bought the Vita at launch too. And I'm probably getting a PSP again. I just love handheld gaming so much, I'll probably mostly play Switch as a handheld!

    So that is my story. Oh, and I still play the Sims. Never stopped. Every handheld edition that came out made it into my greasy paws at some point or another, and I'm hoping the same will happen with The Switch. <3
  13. keresmatic

    keresmatic Member

    My first Nintendo console was the SNES, which I got pretty late at around 1995. Before then, I always went over to friends' houses to play NES games or I would rent SNES consoles for the weekend before I bought one. I went with Playstation over N64 and remained in the Playstation ecosystem, though my video game playing was sporadic after PS2. I had a GBA and a DSi during those Playstation days.

    I really got back into Nintendo when I got my 3DS and then my Wii U. I have a Switch now as well.

    I'm primarily a handheld gamer these days, both for convenience and also the intimacy of holding a console inches from my face.
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  14. worldofswitch

    worldofswitch Member

    My family started with a Spectrum in the 1980s and that got me into gaming in the first place. I got a NES in 1992 (a bit late really) and quickly discovered games such as Mario 3, Mega Man 2, Zelda (loved the original, but couldn't get into Zelda 2), Boulderdash and loads more I can't remember. I loved Mega Man 4 when it came out, and also playing a lot of a game called Blue Shadow, as the two player co-op mode was a lot of fun. Battletoads Double Dragon was also great.

    By 1995 I bought a SNES from a friend, and saw how much bigger and better the games could be. Super Mario World and Mario All-Stars were great fun, as was Mario Kart; Bomberman 1, 2 and 3 were great (sadly I didn't enjoy Bomberman on the Switch); Starwing (as it was called in the UK) was excellent. There weren't a lot of RPGs in the UK - we missed out on Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger - although we did get Secret of Mana, which was amazing. Also Super Metroid! I also played a lot of puzzle games, and spent a huge number of hours playing Wario's Woods, Tetris Attack, Kirby's Dream Trap (Avalanche in the US, i.e. Puyo Puyo), Pac Attack and more.

    I got the N64 on launch day (March 1997 in the UK, I believe), the first time I wasn't late to the party. While I did find some great games on the console, especially Mario 64, Mario Kart, Ocarina of Time, GoldenEye, Banjo Kazooie, Starfox (Lylat Wars in the UK - stupid name), Diddy Kong Racing... the N64 felt like it was struggling the whole way. The failed CD idea with Sony leading to the PlayStation clearly made a big difference to the N64, and it showed in the lack of games as time progressed. I did get a Game Boy Advance in 2002-2003 ish but barely played it. I lost interest in Nintendo for a bit, and mostly played old NES and SNES games.

    In late 2004/early 2005 I got a Gamecube, which I didn't play that much, but I did get to play Mario Sunshine, The Wind Waker, Mario Kart, Super Monkey Ball and a few other games. Those were great, but I didn't find a lot of games I actually wanted to play. I missed out on a lot though. Then in 2006 I moved abroad, and sold all of my old Nintendo consoles and games... a decision I've started to regret recently.

    Living abroad, I got the Wii when it launched in late 2006, and loved it. Wii Sports and Mario Galaxy were great. For the first time I really didn't like Zelda (Twilight Princess). It felt awkward on the Wii and I didn't find it fun. In 2009 I moved back to the UK, but I'd already stopped playing the Wii after about a year, so had already lost interest in it. I spent most of the next few years working far too much, although I got the 3DS XL in 2013, and a Wii U in 2014. I loved Super Mario 3D Land and World, Super Mario Galaxy 2 when it came into the Virtual Console (I never played it on the Wii), New Super Mario Bros U, Super Luigi U, plus I replayed Wind Waker HD and then fully played through Twilight Princess HD. Loved Mario Maker when it came out.

    And I got the Switch on launch day :) It's the most excited I've been for a Nintendo Console probably since the N64 - although that's more to do with losing interest in games for years at a time. I'm enjoying it so far, and I'm mostly enjoying retro games such as Shovel Knight, Blaster Master, and Kamiko.
  15. Ciaran3012

    Ciaran3012 New Member

    I was a bit of a Sega boy, I owned a Megadrive and was convinced at the time it was so much better than the SNES my friend had.

    The first Nintendo product I owned was the Donkey Kong game and watch, I played it over and over until the next Christmas when my parents got me a Gameboy.

    My first Nintendo home console was the GameCube - I bought it pretty late on, after the Dreamcast failed - but I loved the console and played so many great games on it. This is when I became a massive Nintendo fan.

    I got a DS, I think I had every version of this console and owned so many games for it, one of my favourite consoles of all time. I also got a Nintendo Wii on launch day and thought it was fantastic - especially in the first year or two.

    I then got a 3DS and played it a huge amount but was mainly focused on Xbox gaming at this time, and had kind of fallen away from Nintendo gaming...

    Until the Switch, I knew straight away this was the perfect console for me. I got it on launch day and just love the console - I can't wait to see what Nintendo do with it over the next few years.
  16. Darkprophet

    Darkprophet Member

    My nintendo journey started at the bright age of 3 with the NES. My dad, with the ulterior motive of wanting to play it for himself, ended up getting me an NES for my 3rd birthday, with some educational games. While I did play those educational games, I really took to platformers, mainly Mario and Mega Man, mainly things my parents wouldn't find too violent.

    Around the time Super Mario Worls 2: Yoshi's Island came out, my parents were finally convinced to get me a Super Nintendo for christmas, mostly because they found a good bundle that came with 4 games for cheap. This is when I really started to play games a lot more. A good friend of mine introduced me to Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger (Which quickly became my all time favorite game). My genre love quickly shifted to RPGs, but I still loved my platformers (Mega Man X being probably my second favorite game ever)

    Somewhere around the N64 horizon, I made sure to let my parents know early that I wanted one. They were generous enough to get me one the christmas of 1996, the year it launched, but, due to the high price of games at the time, I had to wait until my birthday to own my own game (ended up renting a game every weekend if I did good in school). This was around the time I started to get into Zelda (got the special edition of Ocarina of Time) as well as shooters. Between Doom on PC and Goldeneye on N64, I started to enjoy the genre, as well as 3D platformers. Unfortunately, I had to really go to Playstation to get my RPG fix.

    Late 90's I got my first Game Boy, saving up all my allowance to get one. I wanted to get one before Pokemon came out, and, there a serious love for the series was born. To this day I love Pokemon, and still play every game as they come out, and I even spent many years in the competitive scene.

    Gamecube came around, and once again, I saved my allowance, and sold off old games and systems (regrettably, as I ended up repurchasing all of those games and systems once I had a job). My high school years were filled with afternoons bringing my Gamecube and Melee to a friends house and playing for hours.

    Right around the same time Gamecube was coming out, My grandmother bought me a Gameboy advance, knowing I wanted to play the next generation of Pokemon games.

    About a year after the Nintendo DS came out, and my young self thinking it was a dumb gimmick, I had an opportunity to get one from a friend who was upgrading to a DS Lite for a really good deal, so I decided to give it a shot, knowing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were coming out, and my girlfriend being long distance, being able to trade and battle together on Wifi was a big draw for us. I ended up falling in love with the console, later buying 2 Lites. Never got a DSi or DSi XL, but my DS rarely left my posession, even at work for my breaks. I put easily 4000+ hours into D/P/Plat.

    Now that I had a job and was working, and frankly, making good money for a kid shortly out of highschool, Me and my friends decided to line up to get a Wii at launch. 14 hours in line, in the cold and rain, it was worth it. While many felt that Nintendo was turning into gimmicks (Nintendo has had gimmicks on EVERY CONSOLE), I honestly loved the console, due to how cheap it was compared to the competition, but also my love for Nintendo franchises at this point. To this day I have a great collection of around 40ish retail Wii games that are all great games, and it allowed me a needed break from the shooters I was constantly playing on other consoles.

    3DS was coming out soon, and, at first, I knew I was going to wait outside to get one on launch day, despite the lackluster launch lineup, high price at launch (being the same as the Wii). Thankfully, I was able to pre-order the console, so I didn't have to wait in line. I ended up buying 3 launch games, and not much else until price drops, and the ambassador games launched, and then Nintendo finally dropped a bunch of games. My 3DS quickly replaced my DS as my go to handheld, still going nearly everywhere with me to this day.

    WiiU was coming out, and I immediately pre-ordered. I was lucky, as pre-orders went fast in my area. The night the system launched, I went to pick it up at midnight, only to find the store closed. They sited "Security issues" as the reason for not launching at Midnight, only to find out they had so few pre-orders given to them, they couldn't afford to do a midnight launch due to not making enough money. Despite the continued hate this and the Wii get, I love my WiiU, and spent some of my best times playing multiplayer games with my friends and girlfriend.

    Finally, the Switch. Being in retail management, I had to work the day pre-orders were opening for the Switch. I was pissed. I ended up being sick that night, and up a good portion of the middle of the night, and happened to see on Twitter a notification of them going up on Amazon, and was able to secure a pre-order on there. I'm so happy I did (Despite the bad experience of receiving the console very very late into the day with no notification and no one knocking/ringing my apartment when it was delivered). And now, While my Xbox One is my most played console at home, I am loving the Switch, and its games.
  17. BD82

    BD82 Well-Known Member

    I'm kinda young, but I got introduced to Nintendo when I got a Wii at the start of the Wii age. I played Super Paper Mario (had a guidebook for that that 7-year-old me used), Mario Kart, and a few other games. I also had a DS that I played a few games on (mostly Pokemon Platinum). I got a 3DS shortly after the price cut, still playing Pokemon, but also picking up Smash, Ace Attorney, and games like that down the line. I didn't get a Wii U until late 2015, as I had started playing a lot of different PC games. When I finally decided to pick up a Wii U, I bought Smash, Splatoon, Mario Kart, and Mario 3D World. When I bought the Wii U, I also decided to preorder the retro 3-pack of amiibo (Game and Watch, Duck Hunt, and ROB). After getting those, I bought Bowser Jr and Zero Suit Samus when Wave 5 came out, and by the time I recieved the 3-pack, I had around 20 amiibo. I currently sit at around 125. When the Switch was announced, I missed all the preorder chances, but went to a midnight release and picked up a Neon copy. I already have over 200 (probably closer to 250) hours on the console, spending most of the time on Zelda, ARMS, and MK8D. The Switch has a bright future, and hopefully it'll continue to get support.
  18. Ayumi97

    Ayumi97 Active Member

    I began my Nintendo journey quite late if you compare to some other people because I was 8 when I got my first console.

    When my sister was 6 years old, she received a GBA SP for her birthday with the game Pokemon Sapphire. I was a bit jealous of her because at the moment, she was the only one with a console. A bit later, my parents offered me a GBA SP for "Saint Nicolas" (it's a event a bit before Christmas when "Saint Nicolas" buy gifts to the children if they behave well), it was the edition Mario vs Dokey Kong. I remember that I did not really like at because of the M on the Game Boy, I thought that it was ridiculous and I put a lot of stickers to try to hide it XD. I did not have a lot of games on it (unlike my sister), actually, I just got 2: Mario vs DK and Pokemon Leaf Green. Why ? Because soon after, the Nintendo DS was here...

    You see, my family is very closed to another one and we used to go on holiday with them almost each year. That's cool because in the other family, there are two children who have our age. In 2006 (if I remember well), we went to Portugal with them. It's here that my sister and I discovered the Nintendo DS because they had one. I remember that I often asked to play at Nintendogs aha. About 6 months later - for "Saint Nicolas" - my sister and I received our first Nintendo DS (it was the DS light). We played a lot of on it and I keep it quite a long time ! The things changed when the battery of my sister's DS died.

    Because her Nintendo was dead, my parents decided to pay her the Nintendo DSi for Saint Nicolas (yes, it is almost always in this event that we got a console). I remember that we found that the camera system was something revolutionary aha ! I sold mine to my aunt (who wanted to offer a Nintendo DS to her oldest daughter) and bought (with the help of my parents) the DSi. I bought the red one and actually I regretted my choice a bit because the colour on it is not mat but a bit glossy. After the DSi my sister didn't want a new console so I was the only one who bought the Nintendo 3DS XL (even though I preferred the blue 3DS).

    I still have my 3DS XL and I still play on it. I did not buy the new 3DS because it was not needed and because I was fine - and I still think the same - with my 3DS XL even though some games are only for the new but, because it's only a few games, it's okey. To be honest, after my 3DS XL (and before the Switch of course) I was wondering about Nintendo. Okey, they had some good games for 3DS etc but I began to prefer the PS Vita (since I'm not really a home consol fan... Even though I wish I had a PS4 aha but that is not the subject) because of the games on it (3DS was only for the Pokemon games - which I don't play anymore, Layton, Fire Emblem and Phoenix Wright) and the graphics. Indeed, when I compared PS Vita and 3DS XL well... the difference was obvious. So I was wondering about my future with Nintendo. Of course I would keep my 3DS (and I still have my DSi) but I was like "I won't buy the next handheld Nintendo consoles".

    But it arrived. It arrived with big promises and with big projects : The Nintendo Switch. Okey so I want to say something about that. At very the beginning, I thought that I would not buy it.
    It changed when I saw 3 things:
    - Zelda
    - Next Fire Emblem on Switch (not the Warriors)
    - A tales of for the Switch
    When I saw the three, I knew that it was impossible for me not to buy the new Nintendo console.
    But, even though I knew I would buy it, I was planning to buy it next year when the new Fire Emblem would have been announced (yes, FE is one of my favourite Nintendo games) but well... I couldn't wait for 2018... I'm weak ahaha ! I have to say that I don't regret my choice. I think that the Switch has a brilliant future and I know she has the potential to illuminate our hearts and our eyes. So yes she's not as powerful as a PS4/X Box one and she's a lot of weaker that the new X Box X but, sometimes, I have the impression that some people think that because she's weaker than the Sony/Microsoft consoles, then that means she is not powerful at all (yes, I know some people who thinks that). When I see what the Vita is able to do I know that the Switch is powerful enough to keep its promises and I know it will ! If the Switch sales continue like that, it's more than a good future awaiting it.
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  19. Mikey

    Mikey Member

    I've been rocking Nintendo for a good while. I got my first NES when I was 7 for Christmas, 1987 (holy crap 30 years ago...) My cousin also got one that year, and we traded games all the time. We would get our moms to rent a couple of games on a weekend, and spend the weekend at each other's houses and stay up all night playing Mega Man, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, etc.

    I've owned each home console Nintendo has released. The Super Nintendo has probably been my over-all favorite, but nothing will ever top the memories I made playing NES with my cousin all those years ago.

    I've enjoyed the time I've spent with Nintendo over the years, and I've found something to love about each console I've owned from them. I'm predominantly a handheld gamer now - I travel almost every week for work, and have a lot of downtime at airports/hotels, so the Switch has been a natural fit for me. In fact, my Switch and my Vita have their own special places in my travel bag, and go with me everywhere.

    I also have a PS4, but it sees only a fraction of the time I give to my handhelds - I actually play my PS4 more via Remote Play on my Vita than sitting at home in front of the TV.

    My most recent Nintendo-related triumph was a couple of months ago, when I let my boys (ages 4 and 2) finally play their very first video game:

    Super Mario Bros (which was my very first game, 30 years ago). Proud moment for this dad!
  20. Being born in '90 and having both parents working, mum and dad quickly found out how easy it was to get my brother and I to behave with videogames, so there were always videogames around from my earliest memory.

    We had the NES, but cognitively I remember the SNES. The main games I played for the system at that age were Disney platformers (which were/are quality games still, majorly Capcom developed, for anyone who doesn't know), including Aladdin which was the first videogame I ever beat, followed by Donkey Kong Country (which remains my favorite platformer series to this day). I also spent many years trying to beat Megaman X, which was the "schoolhouse" game that everyone had and shared secrets and stories about during recess, with "Zero is a playable character" being the first gaming myth that really ate away at me.

    I fit the American legacy of the N64 as well. Grew up in a neighborhood with more than 10 boys all within the same age range, and you better believe that the N64 was the hottest thing on the block. Can remember bringing my controller with me even when I was just walking around the block to find whoever was playing a pick-up game of basketball; in the end it was always common for us to all play outside until it got the dark, and later end up at someone's house with 5 or more of us for some N64 gaming. Nintendo titles were the buzz then just like it is nowadays with Nintendo platforms; crushed years with games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing, Smash Bros., etc. The single player games I was particularly "good" at for my block, and friends would give me their cartridges of Mario64 and Ocarina of Time to either get them a tricky star or through the Water Temple ("But don't fight Shadow Link! I want to do that!")

    Gamecube was my favorite. Was getting a little older then, 11 years old, and had a better comprehension of things. Started really going through games rather than creatively, playfully mastering them when younger. Which was good, because there were great single player games on GC that I all fondly remember going through again and again; Luigi's Mansion was/is my favorite GC title, but I would do playthroughs of Pikmin on a monthly basis, and would immediately start up a new save each time I finished up another run of Super Mario Sunshine. Wind Waker remains my favorite Zelda of all time, and the later Twilight Princess would be a great way to end that console.

    With Wii I fell off Nintendo for the first time. Just didn't like and wasn't interested in motion controls from the get-go, and for the first time I was "bored" with Nintendo titles. Wii titles never felt original to me, and the more interesting series I've always really liked, Star Fox and Pikmin, weren't represented.

    Wii U I bought twice, and then sold shortly after. Just wasn't feeling it. Bought it the first time around for Tropical Freeze, and then the second time for Splatoon. The Wii U has some really great Nintendo titles, but at the time it just wasn't clicking with me. I'd buy all the games that came out, do one playthrough, and then never feel compelled to touch them again.

    With the Switch, I'm back on board. One is that I definitely ran into an issue with trophy/achievment obsessive collecting, and two is that I'm really tired of playing games which exhaust me in a way, whether that's through the severity of their content, difficulty, or general multiplayer fatigue. I just don't want that in my life, and the Switch is a great answer to that. I am absolutely in love with the great colors-philosophy going on with Nintendo and the Switch, with ARMS and Splatoon being these delightful treats of brightness and light. Two is that I don't feel compelled to really "be on the up" with gaming, which has a lot to do with how buried I've become with keeping up with videogames and certain communities and I just want to cut that stuff down. It doesn't feel rewarding anymore, and really I just want to play those games I'm interested in, chat a bit about them, and move on. So the Switch is good in that way; it feels really "simple" to be a Switch gamer, and I appreciate that.
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