Portal Knights Review

Shining Knights or Mehcraft? Before we get started, I have a confession to make. Unlike the vast majority of the human race, I have never managed to get myself stuck into Minecraft. My status as a Nintendo collector made me pick up Minecraft on Wii U when it was on offer, and the same applied to the Story Mode which was also released on the console. I haven’t picked up either of the Switch editions yet, but I will, and I’m going to get the New 3DS version too. But collecting something isn’t the same as playing it. I have had a few minutes of pittering around with Minecraft on Wii U, though, and was a bit put off by the way that game chucks you straight in without a major handholding tutorial. The same thing happens here in Portal Knights; you’re straight into level one, and while it could be considered a tutorial of sorts, there’s a lot of things to be managing at once. Your initial objectives pop up on the screen and you get the imperative “craft all of these things to progress” missions to start you off. There are combat opportunities right away too, and these … Continue reading Portal Knights Review