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Do you think there will be a trophy system?

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by 2048Dan, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. 2048Dan

    2048Dan New Member

    Both the Xbox's Gamerscore and the trophies on Playstation are very popular. Some people (like me) even play games they would not normally play just to get a platinum trophy.

    So, will Nintendo implement something similar on the Switch? I personally hope so but you never know with Nintendo. What do you think?
  2. Murphy

    Murphy Founder Staff Member

    I hate trophies and achievements, but I don't. Simultaneously I think they are one of the best and worst things about gaming; when used effectively they can encourage continued playing and reward challenging gameplay. When done wrong they can either severely devalue a game or make it such a chore.

    Nintendo must see that this system is very popular, and they have used internal systems that are similar in other games. I think it's a no-brainer, but when have Nintendo ever followed the sensible approach? I'd wager that trophies are in most people's top five wants for the system. Here's hoping.
  3. Kyle

    Kyle Just Some Guy

    I secretly kind of hope they don't add trophies, but instead add a system that rewards gameplay or games bought. I have enough trouble with trophies on PSN, I don't really want to start another obsession with the Switch - I'd rather just play games.
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  4. crisoc

    crisoc New Member

    i'm with kyle on this one.
    kinda hoping for a lack of achievements or trophies.

    oh [insert game name here] is on sale.
    might as well give it a shot.
    maybe it's just a bad intro, i'll keep going.
    nah, i've wasted my evening this game is a pile of *trophie/achievement unlocks*
    okay so i guess i will be continuing with this game then.

    ps - my phone seems to have fallen out with
    caps, sorry 'bout that.
  5. Astr0

    Astr0 Active Member

    I would like to have a system of trophies but one thing they have to continue is the graph of hours played
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  6. cheapbossattack

    cheapbossattack New Member

    I enjoy going after them on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, and I'd be interested in a similar system on Switch. For those of us that can only afford a few games here and there, I find it to be a nice way to extend the life of a game. They're optional as well, so they're not intrusive to players who have no interest in it. They could even use the same system as PlayStation's trophies, having different colored Mario stars or something.
  7. Renegade Bastard

    Renegade Bastard Senior Member

    I couldn't care less about Achievements and Trophies. If Nintendo adds them to Switch? I don't care. If they don't ever add them to Switch? I don't care. I just like to play and enjoy my games. I always take my time and explore, so I'm not ever in a hurry to speed-run games just for the sake of getting a Achievement / Trophy for "Beating the game under X hours" or "Play and win X multiplayer rounds" as I rarely even play any games online. I'm mostly a single player gamer and I dabble in online play with a handful of games from time to time. Since many Achievements and Trophies are tied to online play in games, it's easy to see why I don't find either reward system all that attractive. ;)
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  8. Mite

    Mite Well-Known Member

    I just like with achievements/trophies it can give you a guide how far into the game you are on some titles. I would love to say have a % complete on say Zelda. I like how they did it in shovel knight though.

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