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Friend codes!!!

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by Americo, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. DeathMoJo

    DeathMoJo Active Member

    Add away! I have only one friend that owns a Switch...

  2. Fintendo

    Fintendo Well-Known Member


    Edit: My nick is "Petteri"
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
  3. SilverOwl

    SilverOwl New Member

    Switch NNID SilverOwl FC 5308-4819-2589
  4. Blu Cry

    Blu Cry Well-Known Member

    I will add you all when I'm next on. Btw welcome to the forum.
  5. Ayumi97

    Ayumi97 Active Member

    Here's mine ! Feel free to add me, I love having new friends !
  6. JimmyEcho

    JimmyEcho Well-Known Member

    hey, i tried to add you but says that user can not be found?
  7. Ayumi97

    Ayumi97 Active Member

    Oh sh** I think I know why ! It's because my account is a EU one so if yours is located in USA I suppose it's normal that you can't find mine... If I'm wrong then I don't know aha
  8. JimmyEcho

    JimmyEcho Well-Known Member

    no no i'm in UK, my account is EU but that shouldn't make a difference.. odd
  9. BD82

    BD82 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, account location shouldn't make a difference. I would assume that something was entered wrong...
  10. Ayumi97

    Ayumi97 Active Member

    Oh then I'll look if I did a mistake somewhere !
  11. Ayumi97

    Ayumi97 Active Member

    Ok I think I'm blind aha ! Here is the CORRECT one : SW-3795-5244-0510
    Sorry, sorry aha ☆
  12. James Murphy

    James Murphy New Member

    Add me too : SW-7769-6240-0023
  13. JimmyEcho

    JimmyEcho Well-Known Member

    Would you be Spud?
  14. Tad Ghostal

    Tad Ghostal New Member

    I don't really do too much online gaming but I wouldn't mind getting more into it...stay at home Dad with young'uns is time consuming.

    Blu Cry likes this.
  15. James Murphy

    James Murphy New Member

    Yes, that's me :)
    JimmyEcho likes this.
  16. Yuuki

    Yuuki New Member

  17. Anderson2017

    Anderson2017 Member

    Hi all - feel free to add ... not many of my friends have a switch so would be cool to get to know some new people via online play

  18. Joecool

    Joecool Well-Known Member

  19. warrior30

    warrior30 Well-Known Member

  20. warrior30

    warrior30 Well-Known Member

    Sent friend request I'm pointguard

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