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RDS Goplay Traveler Grip & Case

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by Miah, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Miah

    Miah Active Member

    Picked up one of these today & thought i'd share my opinion on it with the forums here. These can be had from Gamestop & Target stores in the US, not sure about Internationally. The closest competition seems to be the Skull & Co GripCase which also offers a gripcase w/ carry case that can house a Switch with grips attached.

    On Reddit folk have commented that the gripcase is fairly loose behind the joycon area, most likely to allow for easy joycon removal with the grip still on. Pressing on the sticks or buttons would make the joycons flex since the grip wasn't actually supporting them.

    While that bothered me a little, my biggest beef was instead the up & down play between the switch body & attach points of the grip. It was especially noticeable for me when holding down the trigger buttons since that would push down one corner or another & rotate the switch slightly inside the grip. single layers of Gorilla brand duck tape on each of the grip's attaching fingers seems to take up the slack, a person shouldn't really have to do that with an official branded accessory

    Finally to the carry case itself. It's likely built by the same OEM that handles most the "official" cases i've seen except slightly oversize to accommodate the switch with grip on it. I'm not insanely fond of it since it's the design with game cart cases underneath the switch & the near useless super thick padded zipper pocket flap that doubles as a screen protector when the case is shut. I personally prefer the flap w/ elastic bands sewn to it for game cart storage

    In the end it's ok & i'm just happy to find a combo of grip & carry case that fits so a person playing mobile doesn't have to constantly take their grip on & off, but it's far from perfect. I'll likely still check out the Skull & Co offering even though it's more expensive & the carry case is supposedly even larger than this one.
  2. Ihavestuff

    Ihavestuff Semi-Active Member

    I've heard good things about the Skull & Co, be interesting to hear your opinion on it. It's on my wants list, but given it's virtually the price of a game, other things keep taking priority!
  3. Miah

    Miah Active Member

    The S&C grip alone was available on Amazon for ~$23 over the weekend, just waiting for it to arrive. I'll drop an update once i give it a go.

    EDIT: After i finally get my S&C grip in to compare i'm going to be offering up the RDS here to anyone who wants it for free. The only conditions are they have to be in the lower 48 states U.S. for shipping reasons & they have to be active members of the forums(no 1 post joiners to simply snag a free gripcase, sorry)
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
  4. Miah

    Miah Active Member

    Got in the S&C gripcase & it does seem to fit my needs a bit better. As i posted earlier i'm willing to give the Goplay traveler to any U.S. based(lower 48 states, please) regular member of the forums here. Just leave me a message if you'd like to have the case & we can work something out.

    EDIT: as far as the S&C gripcase....i like the feel. it fits my manly hands pretty good while not being as long as the Goplay kit. I do wish that i could have bought the Amazon S&C combo w/ the case since this does add just a bit of length to the switch & it won't quite clear standard hard cases.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  5. nacsgaming

    nacsgaming Senior Member

    It definitely look much more comfortable. I may pick one up
  6. DeathMoJo

    DeathMoJo Active Member

    I have the S&C grip and case, was a Kickstarter backer. I like it a lot and it really fits my needs of a more comfortable way to hold the console in handheld and I have no issues with docking it.

    I also picked up a set of their thumb grips for a little more travel of the joysticks and for me, gives me the little more range that I felt was missing.
  7. Miah

    Miah Active Member

    RDS is officially now gone locally.

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