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What are your biggest concerns with the Switch?

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by Murphy, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. 2048Dan

    2048Dan New Member

    Now after the presentation I'm pretty sure I wont be getting this at launch. It's too pricey and there are not enough games.

    Also sad that they focus so much on the 1 2 Switch stuff where you don't even look at the screen. It's great for those who want to pretend to milk cows, but I could not care less. Motion controls, rumble, IR sensors... Sorry I just want to play a regular game.

    Not impressed by the games either, except for Xenoblade that looks really good.
  2. Artist3VOLVE

    Artist3VOLVE Active Member

    HD Rumble is good for more realism. Motion controls allows for possibly a Wii Virtual Library. But I get where you are coming from its not thaaaat interesting.
  3. Americo

    Americo Active Member

    Okay, so my concerns are now down to one:

    That 32gig HDD space. How quickly is that gonna fill up? I'm getting a 128 micro SDXC card just to cover my ass, but it'd be nice to find out.
  4. Americo

    Americo Active Member

    So the Switch's voice chat will be handled completely by a separate app that you download onto your phone???
  5. TriOpticon

    TriOpticon Active Member

    That's what I think he meant when he said smart device.
  6. warrior30

    warrior30 Well-Known Member

    I'm worried about 3rd party support, but im happy to see FIFA and the NBA 2k series is confirmed
  7. jmontero

    jmontero New Member

    My biggest concerns are:

    Third party support
    The price of the accessories
    the line-up.

    But I will definitely be buying day one.

    PONGbyATARI Member

    My concerns are few mainly that Nintendo keeps a decent flow of games coming which appears to be the case if there launch dates hold true. One big key is making sure Mario is out for the holiday season 2017 messing that launch up would be tragic for the success of the Switch. I was fortunate enough to still have my free 256gb free micro sd card from the muffed note 7 launch that's plenty storage since I plan to purchase most of my games cart format. One thing I do hope to see is a left Joy-Con with a dpad to make it a more complete portable experience.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2017
  9. JhoCarneiro

    JhoCarneiro Moderator Staff Member

    After the conference and all the subsequent news, I really hope to see Nintendo investing on their online services. Knowing that they'll put a charge on it may sound bad at first, but it means that they are going to improve it more. (also, the rumoured price is very reasonable).

    Aside from the obvious third party support, I also hope that the Switch becomes the new home to indies (like the Vita is/was). I see myself constantly playing the Switch as a handheld, so I envise lots of "best on Switch" experiences.
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  10. TriOpticon

    TriOpticon Active Member

    I am a bit disappointed that there is not a built in Ethernet connection in the console dock.
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  11. Americo

    Americo Active Member

    Everything is pretty much wifi these days, though.
  12. JhoCarneiro

    JhoCarneiro Moderator Staff Member

    It's possible that they had to keep it wi-fi only in order to ensure the smooth transition between the console and handheld modes. Maybe, changing from wi-fi to ethernet would cut out the connection entirely?
  13. TriOpticon

    TriOpticon Active Member

    That may be true. Maybe there is an upgraded dock in the future. WiFi may be everywhere and make it easier to get online but I think hardwired is always faster and less prone to lag/connection drops.
  14. alvmk

    alvmk Semi-Active Member

    Lack of proper 3rd party support given that it is weaker than a ps4 or a Xbox1. I think that we'll see an amazing support from Japanese devs but not so much from Western devs since in the West graphics are a bigger thing.

    The battery life doesn't bother me as much since I was meaning to get a portable powerbank anyways.
  15. Zodasaur

    Zodasaur Well-Known Member

    The Wii was weaker than the competition and still managed to get a load of third party support. Same thing with the DS getting a ton of third party support dispite being weaker than the PSP.
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  16. alvmk

    alvmk Semi-Active Member

    Well I did say "proper" and "western" 3rd party support. Sure the Wii had a decent amount of 3rd party support but that was no where near the level of support the ps3 and the xbox360 got. Now like I said, we'll see an amazing amount of support from Japanese devs since, let's be honest, the Switch is a handheld first and foremost. It's a pretty powerful handheld but as a console it's quite weak. However Japanese games aren't that graphically intensive and the Japanese market is more focused towards handhelds. On the other hand, Western devs try to make their games as photorealistic as they can. They push for graphical fidelity and this is one of the selling points for most modern Western games. Given the weaker hardware devs may need to downgrade their games for the Switch. This will lead to later release dates for such games as they are being optimized and may lead to lower sales. Eventually we may see 3rd party support from major publishers dying up for the platform.

    Now I really want to be wrong with my predictions but the weak hardware and the lack of news doesn't really bode confidence. We'll just have to wait and see what Nintendo brings us at e3 because without their help and push we may have to give up on seeing an amazing 3rd party support on the Switch.
  17. Zodasaur

    Zodasaur Well-Known Member

    Even pc games are downgraded for the hardware that exists at the time. When you make art assets for games you generally make it look as good as you can with the technology available at the time, then downgrade the assets to whatever the target hardware can handle. Is the game fun to play? That's all I care about.
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  18. Blu Cry

    Blu Cry Well-Known Member

    That's true and it's all that should matter in the end. Now don't get me wrong, I love realist gfx in games as it helps me get lost in the world I'm in but if the gameplay is rubbish then it's a waste of the artists time.
    Back in the day when Pokemon rb+y came out, I got lost in those games. Played imported USA version as EU were always late to the party back then. Gfx were terrible compared to my snes or mega drive but I can say for sure that my Gameboy was played the most. Even when the ps1 and n64 came out, I was on my Gameboy.
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  19. alvmk

    alvmk Semi-Active Member

    Somewhat true and...first let me get this out of the way. I'm not a, what they call, "graphics whore". To me graphics is the lowest characteristic to judge a game by. I like games with good gameplay, good stories (especially is they are rpgs/jrpgs), good music, good art design, good level design, etc. If the game looks decent enough and is playable then I have no problems with it e.g. I enjoyed playing borderlands 2 far more on my vita than on my ps4 even though the vita port is utter shit, I loved Xenoblade chronicles 3d on my new3ds even though the port is a jaggy mess and, well you get the idea, right?

    Anyways, porting a game isn't as easy downgrading the assets. There are many factors to consider here,

    1) First we have the engine the game is running on. Will the gaming system support this engine? E.g. we have EA and their frostbite engine. We don't know whether or not the Switch supports this engine. What we do know is that the Fifa 18 version on Switch will be different from its console counterparts. So assuming that we don't have frostbite running on the Switch, we can never see the latest EA games being released on the Switch. I can even extend this concern to other publishers. Of course these publishers can make a custom engine for the Switch but doing so will require manpower, time and will cost money. So now the concern becomes that will these publishers bother to do so? Will it be profitable for them? Here's a simple scenario, what if EA is just testing the waters with the custom Fifa 18 version for the Switch? Now this links to the second concern I have which is...

    2) Will people buy a downgraded port? There's no way a publisher is going to price the Switch version of their game lower than the ps4 or xbox1 version. But given that the Switch version may end up being a downgraded port and assuming that the downgrades have to be relatively significant, will people support this port? And assuming that they don't, will the publishers actually bother with porting their future games to the system?

    3) Miyamoto said that it'll take a game 6-12 months to be ported to the Switch. So let's assume that a AAA game releases 6-12 months after the Switch version, will people be still interested in a downgraded port releasing months later and costing about the same when you could pick the ps4 or xbox1 version for cheap? Now this isn't that much of a concern since a publisher can always choose to delay the game and release on all platforms simultaneously. Also as devs get more and more used to the hardware and the porting process, the time may get reduced.

    So yeah, there are many factors to consider when you got weaker hardware and it isn't as simple as reducing the asset quality and releasing it like that. What Nintendo can do is that they can send over some engineers to different companies in order to get the devs better acquainted with the system and it's architecture (like how MS sent over a team of engineers to Blizzard to up the resolution of the xbox1 version of Diablo 3 which was quite lower than the ps4 version iirc). Maybe this can make a difference. Also Nintendo can throw money at these publishers so that they actually make the effort to optimize their engines for the Switch or create a new one from scratch.

    In the end, I just want to say that I love this system. I love portables in general and the Switch is undoubtedly the best portable in the market atm. I really want the Switch to end up with not only an amazing collection of indies, japanese games and 1st party content but with also 3rd party AAA games.
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  20. strangeseraph

    strangeseraph New Member

    I just got my Switch finally, but with joycons on it feels heavy. I'm a small woman, I admit, but imagine kids playing this in handheld mode, you really can't. Plus I'm having trouble adjusting to the weird layout of the controls. I'm left handed, and I know the controls are designed to be the same when turned on the side, and everything is as it would be on a console with the triggers and such, but something just feels off, maybe it is just the size of my hands, I often have to wear children's watches.

    However, one small thing, I struggled to control the Snipperclips demo, then discovered I'd synced the wrong joycon so I couldn't complete the demo when it required me to make the heart. You needed to use the right joycon controller shoulder buttons when rotating and not the left shoulder buttons. Lol!

    Other concerns besides its weight and the controls: I'm terrified to leave the house with it, even with a case. Or play with anybody watching. Living in a city makes you conscious that robbery is everywhere, and this really stands out. So much for a portable console, this is staying at home unless I'm going out for whole the day and know I'll be somewhere indoors like at a friends or a cafe or the library. Definitely not playing this on a street like the commercials show.
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