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What are your biggest concerns with the Switch?

Discussion in 'Switch General Discussion' started by Murphy, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. JimmyEcho

    JimmyEcho Well-Known Member

    I am also scared to take it out, not so much for the sake of theft just general damage whilst out and about. I may be a tad clumsy.
  2. salv-ice

    salv-ice Well-Known Member

    Same for me... Also, I went for the official carrying case which is not very hard for a case so I'm a bit scared to damage it while it is in my backpack with my work laptop and all my stuff...

    But anyway, I'll take it with me thursday to show it to my brother. I'll have to be carefull :p
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  3. Americo

    Americo Active Member

    I also wouldn't recommend playing it on a rooftop party. Might fall off the roof.

    Honestly, I don't even take my phone out in public if I can avoid it. The Switch should be treated the same. Play it only places you deem safe. I play it at a cafe I go to a lot when I go to pick up my wife from work. Always have my back against a wall, and away from the front door. But not only do I love the portability, I love that I can play it while my wife is on the big TV. It comes in handy in more places than you'd think.
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  4. Blu Cry

    Blu Cry Well-Known Member

    My main concern atm is lack of multiplayer for people like me who don't know many people local to me who have 1. I'm yet to see anyone play 1 in the wild apart from me. Once the app is out I know it will solve some of the problems.

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