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What you bought this week on Switch

Discussion in 'Switch Games' started by DankZaku, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. JimmyEcho

    JimmyEcho Well-Known Member

    hows golf story man? looks like good fun to me
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  2. Fintendo

    Fintendo Well-Known Member

    Sine Mora EX arrived today. It’s release date is 10/10 though. Not complaining... :)
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  3. Blu Cry

    Blu Cry Well-Known Member

    It's really good fun. U kinda forget it's a golf game until u have to actually play a round. Few bugs here and there but a solid game and a steal at £13.50
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  4. Slizarus

    Slizarus Member

    Grabbed Golf Story and Neurovoider (Huge hit with friends btw, the Arcade "Easy" mode is a blast for pick up and play) last week.. Then on Sunday I noticed Amazon.jp had a sale on Physical copies of Monster Hunter XX so I picked it up, shipped to US for $50, that's cheaper than it would have been on the Eshop and it came in 2 days (which wows me) on standard shipping.

    It arrived Tuesday, and as a humongous fan of MH Gen (Prowlers for life) I am loving MHXX (Beast Prowler for life).

    It's technically the first title I've ever imported.. since Pokemon G&S didn't count as a child as I was living in Malaysia and picked up the Japanese release at the mall :p

    I was timid about playing MH in Japanese at first, but like I discovered with Pokemon back then, it's really not too hard to play when they don't change up the menus/icons between titles much.
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  5. DeathMoJo

    DeathMoJo Active Member

    Caved and bought Stardew Valley, hope to put in some time tonight!
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  6. BD82

    BD82 Well-Known Member

    Got my preorder in for Mario Odyssey with my leftover Comicon money! So excited for it!
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  7. JimmyEcho

    JimmyEcho Well-Known Member

    bought Stardew a couple days ago, first time I've played it coz it never really seemed like my type of game.. but right now it's exactly what i'm in the mood for!
    got a physical copy of Sine Mora Ex coming tomorrow.
    also pre-ordered the collectors edition (because standard was sold out) of Retro City Rampage DX.. just in case they decide not to publish another batch.. £48 :oops:

    edit: I got Tiny Barbarian DX on it's way too.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
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  8. warrior30

    warrior30 Well-Known Member

    Just bought Pokken tournament Today
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  9. alvmk

    alvmk Semi-Active Member

    My recent purchases (all digital):

    1) Dragonball Xenoverse 2: I hope Bamco decides to port FighterZ to Switch since that is the game that I really want and the reason I decided to pick this up. I've played a few hours from the 1st Xenoverse and I wasn't that fond of it. Having said that however, I'm really liking Xenoverse 2 and I don't regret my decision to pick this up. The gameplay is quite simplistic but you'll find that there's a little bit of depth to it if you want to play with others online. My favorite part of this game is the customization. I love how I can build my own skill set using skills from various Db characters. The game is mainly targeted towards fans of Db and being one I was especially excited to try out skills like kaioken kamehameha or ×100 big bang kamehameha. Also the game is packed full of single player content including a free dlc which contains the entire story of the 1st game + its dlcs. Although I'm a bit disappointed that Bamco announced a goty edition for the ps4 (game + dlc) a couple of weeks after the Switch version launched since this is the version that we should've got in the first place.

    2) Stardew Valley: I played this for a few hours on my laptop and was waiting for a portable version ever since. The Switch version plays like a charm and the game is so engaging and relaxing that you'll find yourself playing for hours on end.
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  10. Astr0

    Astr0 Active Member

  11. Joecool

    Joecool Well-Known Member

    If you haven't pre-ordered Mario Odyssey and you're an Amazon Prime Member, you can get the game for $47.99.
    I'm not sure if it only applies to US, but worth the try.

    EDIT: Just went out to lunch, and stopped by GameStop for this:
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
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  12. JimmyEcho

    JimmyEcho Well-Known Member


    someone on r/nscollectors mentioned that Rising Star and NIS published games are normally quite hard to find later down the line due to limited printings
    so I impulse bought these 2 a few days back.
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  13. Astr0

    Astr0 Active Member

  14. salv-ice

    salv-ice Well-Known Member

    Just bought a retail version of Binding of Isaac Afterbirth.
    Did not play it yet but the packaging is very nice, there are stickers and a NES style instruction booklet inside the box ! Really appreciate these small attentions !
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  15. Fintendo

    Fintendo Well-Known Member

    This week i finally bought Has-Been Heroes. I pre-ordered it in March and now I went to get it from Gamestop :rolleyes:. Also got a retail copy of NBA 2K18. Here in Finland, it was hard to find one. Almost everywhere it was sold out on a release date. Well, we’re not a basketball country so the number of copies may have been very limited...
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  16. Mite

    Mite Well-Known Member

    I have ordered Syberia for switch but awaiting stock
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  17. Blu Cry

    Blu Cry Well-Known Member

    Got myself NBA 2k18 today. Hope it's good after the patch
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  18. Darkprophet

    Darkprophet Member

    Just picked up the Collectors Editions of Fire Emblem Warriors (Already finished the main story) and Nights of Azure 2. Both collectors editions are absolutely beautiful.
  19. olrodlegacy

    olrodlegacy Moderator Staff Member

    Good deal? Where from?
  20. olrodlegacy

    olrodlegacy Moderator Staff Member

    Did you get the Azure collectors edition from the Nisa store?

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