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  1. Your list gave me vertigo and it’s a great sign !

    But, I can’t believe I missed Koei Tecmo’s announcement. Never played a Nobunaga game, but I was always curious. I hope, just like the PS4 version, that this one will come to Europe !

  2. I’ve already backed PS4. Got the table shirt package. Hoping upgrade to physical won’t be too much as I always prefer physical….knowing I can play when the company servers have gone.

  3. Looks good. I like the art direction. I like that these more relaxing games are coming out….I can’t do intense games for hours, makes my brain hurt!

  4. I think anything that makes ports easier is a plus….though getting inferior ports of PS4/Xbox One games isn’t going to sell well….most people have a current generation console already. I hope we get a lot of unique experiences on Switch….that will drive sales more than ports.

  5. It looks weird having differently colored controllers. I wanted both red controllers without having to spend an extra $80 on the pair, I guess I’ll buy the one with the grey ones and get the reds in the future.

  6. I think the price is fair to be honest, with everything you get in the box. They could have left some of those things out and made you buy them separately.

  7. Breath of the Wild, for sure. I like Bomberman as much as the next guy, but the placeholder price is $60 and that seems pretty steep for something that’d be a $20 digital title elsewhere. Definitely surprised that I am Setsuna is only being released in Japan at launch. Loved it on PS4 and I’d happily double dip on Switch if we got a physical release.

  8. Nearly the same experience can be had on the Wii U which is essentially a last gen system. I’m not knocking the game, I’ve already preordered it in Wii U. But I was a little disappointed by the comparisons I have read of the two. Switch is 900p 30fps, Wii U is 720p 30fps. There has been no mention of any other graphics upgrades. Nintendo did mention that the game would have better sound on Switch. Of course the Switch offers a portable option. But I can’t see anything yet that justifies me buying a Switch to play this game.

    1. With the current launch line-up, there’s not much incentive for existing Wii U owners to upgrade at this early point.

      There are, however, an enormous number of people that bought a 3DS and didn’t buy a Wii U – around a 45m disparity – and they just might be tempted.

      That said, if there is the slightest possibility that you are interested in buying the Switch at some point, could this not be the game to make you jump early? I loved my Gamecube, but there was no way I was getting Twilight Princess on that.

      1. Unfortunately, after being very disappointed by the Wii U, I am going to need to see that Nintendo is planning to support the Switch to its fullest before I pull the trigger this time. I know that the consolidation of handheld and console might make for a more consistent flow of first party games. If that actually materializes, that might be enough to make me purchase a Switch. I definitely want to see another 3D Metroid game(like Prime, not Other M) announced to release early in the Switch life cycle. That would also help me to make the decision to buy Switch, but right now there is nothing. The new Mario game looks alright, but one game is not going to sell the system to me this time around.

  9. I’ve yet to get anything from them, since I usually already have the game in digital, but this could be great for Switch. I’ll try to get Oxenfree this friday so hopefully I’ll be a good customer by the end of the week.

  10. It seems quite great but I’m still waiting for the time being. I’m picking up BOTW on Wii U as it is. Next year there will be a Switch sitting between my Vita and Wii U Gamepad 🙂

  11. Where does the “lite” commands option originate from? I remember seeing it first in Blazblue: CS Extend and that series calls it “Stylish”, but I’m not sure that was the first time it appeared. I’m glad that more fighters are using it since it’s probably the friendliest feature for new players (aside from an expansive tutorial mode).

  12. I keep almost pulling the trigger on this one, but for some reason I can’t do it. With MK8 Deluxe (didn’t own the Wii U version) out in just over a month I’m not sure how much I’ll play this once MK8 comes out. Do you see enough of a difference to give this things legs?

    1. This isn’t like Mario Kart at all. You’ve got no projectiles, the vehicle handling and movement are completely different, and the courses (and how they play out) are styled nothing alike. Basically, all this game and Mario Kart have in common is that they’re racing games – and if you like racing games, I’m betting they’d both fit in your library.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I used to love playing the Wipeout series (bought pulse for the Vita at launch). I’m still plugging away at Zelda, but was just concerned that I wouldn’t have room for two race titles

  13. i wonder if the Japanese physical will come with English as well. Would love to add this to my Switch collection, but I want to be able to play it.

  14. For anyone looking for more Splatoon 2 global testfire content, you should hop over to youtube.com/switchplayer – I’ve got nine (9!) brief videos up showing off all the different elements I could manage. 😉

  15. I think your third screenshot summed up the issue very well: you don’t want to rush to a boss, in fact you likely want to take as long as possible to get there. Almost every “?” location is some kind of positive, gaining you items, spells, gold, or candles. If all you did was rush to a boss, it would be easy to get overwhelmed.

      1. Was a let down for me as well. Not fun. I know it’s not my style of game but was hoping for more. Too bad had to be a digital copy in my otherwise great bundle – I’d have sold it that day.

  16. Couldn’t agree more with this review. It is an exercise in master class as far as appreciation of the source goes. A beautiful homage I am glad to finally get my hands on. Now if only someone would do a Monsterland remake 😉

  17. Since the Master System never really took off in the US, I grew up only knowing of the NES’s existence. I’m now more familiar with the SMS library at age 35, but still never had the chance to revisit many of its classics. I can’t wait to check out The Dragon’s Trap on Switch eventually. Great review.

  18. I really enjoyed this back on Wii U back in the day. I wonder if they will add LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins as DLC in the future, it was a pretty good 3DS game.

  19. It almost seems odd that one game can sell an entire system, but as someone who bought the original PlayStation for FFVII (like so many other people), the proof is in the sales! I really wish 1-2 Switch was a little more “buzzworthy.” If they lower the price at some point, it would definitely be something I’d look into

    1. My girlfriend and I played through all of the 1-2-Switch mini-games and none of them made us want to revisit them. Maybe a $20 price point would make it easier to swallow.

      I had my PS1 before FFVII, but that was definitely the game that made me start paying more attention to the console. Pre-FFVII it was just a handful of neat games, like Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Chronicles of the Sword, and Tekken 2 that held my interest. So I totally get waiting on PS1 for FFVII, haha.

    1. Playgrounds has a demo on PS4, so hopefully we’ll see one on Switch as well. That’d be where I’d like to play it and I’m curious to see how it fares on the hardware.

  20. 3.5 stars is generous. I’d hesitate to drop $5 on this to be honest. Crapcom keeps getting worse by the minute with their greedy practices..

  21. The mysterious shot timing killed it for me. A game you feel happier deleting from your system over playing is a sad title indeed..

  22. Picked up Minecraft for the first time on Switch. Easily the best £20 i could have spent. So far I’ve put in over 50 hours on creative mode alone. A perfect game for sitting back and relaxing.

    1. Sorry Aces, but your reply contains a spelling mistake. Do you even proofread?

      If you were to throw me the odd Switch eShop code, I’d be happy to proofread every post you put out.

      Sorry, couldnt resist 😛

  23. It was the right move, especially since they need to prioritize the infrastructure before they can charge for it, that and they should be more focused on making more games for the system.

    P.S. It’s going to feel weird having to pay for online services, for what is essentially an over-glorified Handheld isn’t it?

    1. I’d say yes and no depending on what comes of the network. The same discussion happened with the PS Vita but I felt that Sony at least did a descent job with PS+ games made available for it and the online play for its games turned out well.

      That is all I really ask from Nintendo, a solid online system for Mario Kart, Splatoon, ARMS, etc. and those free nostalgic games while you are a subscriber is a nice bonus. For $20 USD, its a good price.

  24. Hey Kyle! It’s great to see they’ve included Marathon mode for Tetris, but is there an Endless variant for those of us that want to blast beyond 150 lines?

      1. Hey man, I’ve picked up PPT from the US eShop, but I can’t find how to switch from Marathon to Endless?! I’ve tried everything.

  25. This has a Puzzle Quest feel to it, loved that game and interested in seeing more of this one! The backdrop in the Steampunk work looks pretty cool as well.

  26. I haven’t played a rhythm game since Guitar Hero. This looks like they’re graduating those types of games to more anxiety inducing levels.

  27. It’s basically your standard AAA price for 3DS games on Switch then? I’ll be okay with that since I’ve never played it, but don’t know about those of you that have played, and completed the game. I’m excited for more Switch games!

    1. I own it already on PS4 and Vita and have played through both, so the likelihood of paying $10 extra for the Switch port is slim to none — especially with the Vita already giving me the game on-the-go. For anyone who hasn’t played it yet, it’s worth every penny.

  28. Pretty awesome to see this coming to the Switch. Sad to see the price being higher, won’t help the cause of having more people interested in the Switch when game can be purchased cheaper elsewhere right off the bat.

    1. I agree that it’s a bummer to see Switch games being priced higher. That’s never going to be an easy pill to swallow, especially here where I already own the game on Vita to have it on-the-go. For anyone who hasn’t played it yet, though, it’s worth every bit of its asking price. Absolutely phenomenal game.

      1. Glad to hear it lives up to the reviews, I never picked it up on my Vita for some reason so for sure plan to support it on the Switch. The backstory of the developer, as I found out recently, is something that makes me want to support it as well. Torn between physical and digital as digital is so convenient with the Switch.

  29. I seriously disagree. As someone who cares not about online play and prefers his multiplayer in one room, this is one of the best and most entertaining multiplayer games I’ve played. We have played it for hours as a family and I can’t wait to get some friends round and play it over a few beers. The children and their friends also love playing it together. It most certainly shines with three or more players but it is an absolute scream! Ganging up on one person when three others are in the room is hilarious.
    If there is anyone on the fence about this and you love how we used to play game so together, get it. Yes it’s a bit pricey but when you look at it as paying for entertainment- it would have cost us far more to go to the cinema last night than play this as a family and I know we had far more fun doing the latter.
    Just my opinion.

    1. That’s the beauty of opinions, I guess. I’m old enough to remember a time when there was no such thing as online gaming, but while this one has fun moments, I just didn’t have the same affection for it you seem to have. That said, glad you’re digging it 🙂

  30. I am more of a casual Fifa player, as in I play it semi-regularly, but haven’t bought a new one since Fifa 13 😀 I have been thinking about getting a new one, and this look like a perfect upgrade for me.

  31. I’m 36 this year and grew up playing Mario games (not primarily) and this is something I’d honestly leave my kids to play when they get older. Looks appealing but I think I’ve grown out of this style of game.

    1. It wasn’t available in the code I was sent from WayForward – from what I understand it is not yet available and will be coming as DLC to the game at a later date.

      1. Yeah, I was of the impression it was being bundled like the Treasure Trove release.

        I thoroughly enjoyed getting 100% completion on my Vita for this game. Good, dumb fun. Looking forward to the upcoming dlc packs.

  32. Observed updates not listed in the official notes include;
    – A higher maximum volume, at least using headphones
    – Some interaction sounds have been altered
    – Some non-Switch controllers now work when plugged in using USB (like the Pokken controller, thanks GAF)
    – “Played for a few minutes” has become “Played for a little while” in the Play Activity list
    – “Nintendo eShop” has been added to the “Software Information” tab in a game’s menu (press – or + to activate)

  33. Nice score! Glad you liked it so much, I really love the game too 🙂

    For me the Test Punches made a big difference in picking it up, before that I was going to put my money on Disgaea 5, but I decided to hold off so I could get in on the ground floor.

    The bots are hard, the party mode is fun, and Ranked is pretty solid 🙂

    1. Yes, I did play the game. And no, I did not enjoy it, and I think that comes through very clearly in my review. I’m glad that you are enjoying it though, and it’s great for you that you find it fun. Unfortunately I didn’t. We don’t all enjoy the same things.

  34. I really didn’t like the idea of paid hard modes, I was eager to boycott it, but I caved when I wanted Trial of the Sword (favorite part of the game is Eventide Island)

    Incidentally I’ve spent all my time with the dlc in Master Mode and boy is it rough.. you can really mess with enemies in normal, but in master mode if you plan on killing them, you gotta get down to business!

    I like it… but I hate the little triforce in the corner permanently, I would wager it’s so anybody who sees a screenshot can verify you’re in master mode, but bleh, it just bothers me.

    All in all, I think there’s enough content for $20, especially since it pays for stuff to come still.

    But imo, it’s mostly worth it for Master mode.. which is still something I think that should have been in the base game.

  35. I am looking forward to this. I’ve never played the the first game and I have a 6 hour flight to San Fran the monday after this launches. Between this and some more Zelda it’s looking to be a fun flight.

  36. Yea this looks right up my alley. Dunno when I’ll be able to pick it up though considering I gotta pay off my preorders for Splatoon 2 and the Splat Pro Controller.

    Btw I’m a fan of The Vita Lounge and as sad as I am to see that winding down, I am very much stoked that you got the Switch good’s covered over here. Count me as a regular going forward.

  37. Looks pretty interesting. The eShop is building up to have quite a variety of experiences in its early life. I hope we see more physical releases of some of these smaller games like Nicalis is doing.

  38. I love that Nintendo is jumping into the cross-platform stuff. Still kinda surprised actually. The more sharing the better, I say. ☺

  39. Don’t have friends where I live to play with but I’m pretty sure this’ll be a blast to play with my kiddos. I love all these multiplayer games coming out!

  40. I’m fairly sure I’ll be picking this one up 🙂 The devs are cool, I like supporting passion projects that look like I’ll enjoy. I hear the HD rumble for the game is real nice.

  41. That’s some good news ! I really wanted to play the first one but I have no PS4… I just hope it will have a physical release in the west !

    1. The whole thing was unbalanced. I played for maybe 2 hours on the side of Ketchep and only faced 2 or 3 mayo teams. Mostly played against a team ketchup which didnt count towards anything.

  42. That’s exciting, I managed to have too many games to play to pick up any of the Dusk series and I’m still working on Meruru on the Vita. So, if this comes as soon as next year, I’ll likely pick it up 🙂 I would support Switch being a JRPG box in the vein of my Vita.

  43. Never knew time zones were magic. Learn something new everyday lol. Grabbed it last night and it’s basically the 3ds version with better visuals. Controls are still clunky but that’s part of the monster hunter way.

  44. £8.99 for this is ridiculous! Seeing as I quite like the art style, I may have picked it up if it had been sub five pounds. Never mind. Looks like I was wise to save my money… which will go towards Sonic Mania!

  45. everytime i read about a new expansion for DX10 i’m wondering WTH SQE won’t bring this over to Europe. People like DQ and like to play MMO, although the monthly subscription fees are pain, so DQ MMO would likely be a hit. sigh, we western DQ-fans just don’ get enough appreciation/love for SQE in general and especially on Ninty-consoles…. let’s hope 2018 will bring us better tidings (DQ Builders 2 ahoy)

  46. “Courtesy of EA”?
    where is the courtesy? we all know the EA support will stop the moment their old and bad done ports will stop to sell on switch… just like they did for wiiu.
    They published old games that were sold already months before on other platforms and complained no one buy them on wiiu… thanks EA for you courtesy.

  47. I’m not a massive soccer fan but I welcome more genres coming like this to the Switch. Let’s hope it opens the door for more codes like NHL and NBA to join the games EA offer.

  48. After holding off on it for quite a while on the 3DS.. I finally got the Azure Gunvolt Striker Pack on the Switch, I really wanted to show some day 1 love to the developers because I want to support a Gunvolt 3 or spinoff from that universe.

  49. I am a secret fan of the Rabbids. I have so many of their figures, and I’ve played so many Rabbid games. I can’t wait to try this one out. <3 Say it loud and say it proud! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  50. Why no replayability? did you also consider the challenges? I have not finished the game yet so I don’t know how I will feel like when I complete the main game to go back and do the challenges.

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  53. This review has one glaring omission. It says the author is Paul Murphy. It needs to be your wife’s name up there sir! Give the poor girl some credit.

  54. Now all they need to do is drop the price to around the £30 mark and I’ll pick it up!

    The vast majority of my 40-strong Switch library is digital and, due to its go multiplayer and portability, that’s the way I want to go with SBR. I only wish I was able to pick it up when it was previously on sale.

    1. Sometimes we don’t get review codes early, or at all. Sometimes we aren’t in a position to review games immediately and sometimes we need to take our time. Perhaps we should rush reviews to ensure they go up earlier?

      The bigger question is who finds a link to a review on Metacritic, follows that link and then complains about how long (incorrectly) it took to review the game? 😉

  55. This was an easy day one purchase for me and I’m glad I did, you could argue that Shovelknight presents more bang for your buck, but that’s an old release by now and it’s time for Steamworld Dig 2’s time to shine.

    Even after thoroughly enjoying the first one I found myself surprised at how well they crafted this one.

    I’m actually having trouble getting my Switch back from my GF because of this game, I’m fairly sure she’s going to beat it first at this rate.

    Thanks for the review 🙂

    1. It’s deceptively addicting and the last island is really punishing, if you enjoy mostly peaceful games with this aesthetic mixed in with town management/tower defense then you might like this 🙂

  56. I had all of the Picross games on 3DS but it’s hard to imagine not playing it with touchscreen controls. Still tempting though for the low price…

    1. Yeah, I had actually never played a game in the series before so I understand that it isn’t quite the same for me – but I had no problem just using the buttons. If you love the games and are happy with the content then it’s still good fun 🙂

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  58. Despite not being a football fan, I hope that this doesn’t mean that EA decides that there’s no love for their games on the Switch.

    Despite probably being the best version for feature parity on Nintendo systems for quite some time, it wasn’t exactly comparible.

  59. That’s too bad, I wonder what happened.

    Great game though, worth the wait if you’re physical only but it’s still worth a purchase on the Eshop.

  60. The game blends your traditional tower defence with a space-exploration type adventure, and has you traversing a map in search of caged space-bunnies – which you need to free in order for the end goal to open up

    Perhaps I’m ignorant on what a tower defence game is, but I don’t see how this is a tower defence game at all. Tower defence is a defensive game, while this is an offensive game. Tower defence is about you building a maze or choke points and positioning automated weapons to kill enemies that will arrive, while this is flying around shooting at enemies. Though, I may have played too many Flash based tower defence games and not enough genre pushing ones.

  61. Are there puzzles like in old adventure games? Where sometimes you get stuck and you have to try everything in your inventory with everything else, then take everything from your inventory and click everywhere on the screen until you figure out which thing goes where.

    Or is this more like current Tell Tale games?

    1. There aren’t any puzzles in this one like the old adventure games – it’s more like the current Telltale games, but better.

      The main tool for completing most puzzles is the radio, but this game is more about the story and atmosphere – I think if there were difficult puzzles it would take away from that.

      You have, however, now got me wanting a Broken Sword/Monkey Island style game on the Switch…

  62. A suggestion / request: Can you guys also mention game price in your review (in case it’s already released or you guys know the price) ?

    Sometimes there are games I am not too interested in (like Binaries for instance), but if they are cheap enough I might be willing to give them a try.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Our print/digital magazine has this information in the design but it’s something we will look at adding for the future. 🙂

  63. It’s always a risk when a reviewer is new to the “Warriors” franchise, they almost invariably cite it’s repetitive nature, but I’m glad that it didn’t detract much from the score and it’s still good to know that people new to it can still think well of it.

    This is a definite purchase for me 🙂

  64. It’s not quite full video capture – but I love the fact that you can capture something that’s just happened. So many times I wish I could get those moments and now we can. I’m impressed that Nintendo have got this working in the background on the Switch.

    It really looks like Nintendo are starting to nail the features that we need.

  65. The article concludes with:

    I look forward to seeing all your video clips uploaded to Twitter! Be sure to tag us in them so we can share the best ones!

    It occurred to me I should check out your Twitter account. But I cannot find it anywhere on this page, or the contact page. No social media info at all. Or Patreon info, unless someone reads the fine print URL on the Time to Switch graphic. I suggest thinking about putting some icons or links to those accounts.

  66. I fully agree with, Ollie. Fans of 2D beat’em ups should BUY, BUY, BUY!

    Wulverblade is also available on PC and is on its way to PS4, though, in my totally unbiased opinion, Switch is by far the best platform for this one!

  67. The name “Kemco” should be enough to tell you the quality of the game. They keep churning out a ton these mediocre and bland jrpgs instead of taking the time to perfect a single one.

  68. Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing well. Solo….I am finally getting a windfall and I’ll be able to afford a Switch soon. Obviously your site will be my “go to” when I do. Question – how about a run down of the best Switch games, retail and eshop? I was just reading your review of Vaccine and realised in a year of not following the Switch there are quite a few eshop games that I’ve never heard of get released. Failing that a reply to this post with pointers would be awesome. I already know I’m getting the Mario and Zelda games, Shovel Knight and probably Golf Story. What else?

  69. Too bad Rockstar, I won’t buy it then… If I buy a physical game I want the whole game to be on the cart !!! I hope that these kind of games sell very poorly so the publishers understand that customers don’t want this !

  70. I’ve long had a suspicion that your reviews are overly biased in favour of Switch and this just proves it. Your Sonic Forces score is the outlier amongst all the others.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Before I reply, I’d like to point out that this is a Switch-only website, so all reviews are going to be for Switch games. That doesn’t mean that there is any bias of course.

      Our current Metacritic average is 70, 3.8 points lower than other critics, which obviously implies that our overall score for 132 Switch game reviews is lower than the average critic.

      Since your comment, two more reviews have appeared on Metacritic with the same score, three more with 65 – only marginally lower than our score – and the average is 58. Just 12 “points” below on a 100 system. Hardly implying any bias; it’s a game that Liam feels is solid, if easy and unspectacular. Words echoed by other critics. Also, Famitsu have scored the game higher than anyone. It’s not like he’s scored it a 9 or a 10!

      I’d love to know how you feel that an average score of 70% for 132 reviews – or an equivalent 7 for this game – implies any sort of bias at all?

  71. TL:DR I really enjoyed the game, Singleplayer is solid and the Coop is basically “Tails mode” from Sonic 2 (And I guess Sonic Mania?) It is the best Coop in a Mario only game, the cap has several moves including groundpound and spacejump. Really satisfying, as the cap you don’t feel useless, just maybe overpowered :p

    I grew up with 2D Mario and got Zelda OoT instead of Mario 64 so I missed “The game” everyone held in such esteem, when I did rent it, it never really clicked with me.

    Played Sunshine, enjoyed it, but my time with Mario 3 or SMW is more memorable.

    So when thinking about how to rate Odyssey, I was thinking that this game is my “Mario 64”

    It offers a very complete moveset along with every facet of the Cap. Along with a good amount of reward for masterful use of the cap via hidden areas covered in coins that you find by thinking “I wonder if I can get there.”

    It’s great design, if 3D Platformers were a class, this would be Required Reading.

    I’d give this game a 9.5, I think the moon numbers are a little bloated and some don’t feel very rewarding. I don’t really like the precedent set by BotW with it’s ridiculous amount of seeds.
    And honestly, the amount of handholding control reminders in game (more prevalent in Coop for some reason, during gameplay) and…

    The Action Guide tips every time you move between worlds until you beat the storyline, you get a blessed and much appreciated reprieve from it. It was a minor annoyance, but my GF echoed my frustration and neither of us liked having to press skip 3 times to get through the 2 travel scenes and the one action guide reminder.

    That said, I honestly think those travel scenes and action guide reminders are intentionally made to show off your decorations both on the hatship and inside, the action guide reminders show off your interior, so you get to see all your nice stuff that you populated it with.

    When that occurred to me I realized I hadn’t taken advantage of it at all so that might have played into my lack of enjoyment for it. If I was viewing my customizations in the scenes it would have been nicer.

    A point of discussion for those who read this: Do you think the lack of a limited lives system in Odyssey detracts from your achievements when there’s no real punishment for failing?

    There’s no gameover without reaching 0 coins and dying (unlikely)

  72. I can’t recommend this game enough. I love it on mobile and also the pathpix series (basically the same but made by one very coveted guy). To try it is to be hooked.

  73. BotW really tempted me to get a Switch. This totally sold it. I’m a sucker for Mario games anyway, and Mario 64 is one of my standout moments in gaming. I still go back to it now! Super Mario Galaxy was amazing too but I didn’t get much of a chance to play it. I must go back to it soon!

    My husband is coming into some money very soon. A Switch is the one thing I’m treating myself to!

  74. Random question, but what are your thoughts on Doctor Who’s first female Doctor? I know you’re more of a gaming site, but it’s an interesting question to ask anyone IMO.

  75. This is one game I may double dip on. I have it on PS4 but I like it so much I may have to buy it again for the portability. How different is the viewpoint docked vs handheld?

  76. Oh yes! Very excited for this one. Bought a ‘Switch’ primarily for “DOOM” Wasn’t a ‘Zelda’ follower, but was looking for an excuse to buy a Nintendo Switch anyway, due to it’s portability, then came Doom. Wow!
    Any FPS is welcome in my opinion, the ‘Switch’ need’s to be aimed towards the older gamer. These style of games succeed in that task. “Hollow” looks very, very nice. I have heard that ‘Wolfenstein’ is due out as well for the Switch. A very exciting time to own one, in my opinion.
    And to be quite honest, it’s about bloody time. Maybe the ‘Switch’ will get the support now that the WiiU should have had when it was launched.
    Roll on “Metroid” can’t wait for that one either. Now Nintendo’s little console should do very, very well, and not just for ‘Zelda’ or ‘Mario’.

    1. Rather close, button mash style combat with hundreds of enemies on screen. There is some additional elements as the game tries to pass itself of as a JRPG

  77. This was a huge surprise this morning. VC4 but they didn’t localize 3? It’s been 6 years!

    Oh well, I’m just glad this game series is continuing, it’ll be absolutely perfect for the Switch. Day one purchase for me, easy.

  78. This looks GREAT! Oh gosh, switching weapons in lobby alone.. Those new hairstyles are wonderful.

    Back when Splatoon released and we thought about what a Splatoon 2 would look like.. Maybe it hasn’t “evolved” but it is certainly all you could hope for in a solid game.

    Now come on Nintendo, playable Octolings.

    1. Agreed. I know it will never happen, but I would kill to see Xenogears on the Switch. With every game I see with Xeno in the title, I die a little more inside.

      1. That’s true for most of the old Enix(Soft) games. So I’m really hoping they pull through on this one, I miss my childhood high quality games. Fingers crossed!

  79. I’m not a fan of this review at all. It seems that you couldn’t find people to play with, so you rated the game poorly. Yes it requires larger groups of people to be fun, but it’s a party game. This pack is certainly not my favorite, but it seems that you’re reviewing the actual games. I would have liked to have seen a review/comparison of the games with other packs, but it all that this review presents is a brief explanation of what each game is.

      1. In that case, 4.8 should be rounded off to 5, not down to 4.5. That affects the overall score of Metacritic, which is a pity, because although a game should not be carried away by a couple of notes, for the new generations it is.

        In the same way, it’s still a great review, regards.

        1. Our previous system took an average of 5 attributes, so based on rounding a score measured that way it would get a 5.
          Since my only alternative to a 5 is now 4.5, I eventually settled for that. It was a tough call to make, but at least it’s still a 90 for Metacritic

  80. Had this one on Preorder… Forgot to cancel preorder (trying to budget) and now it’s going to arrive tomorrow.

    Happy Accident? We’ll see, I am trying to beat the first one still :p

  81. Finally! I’ve been waiting for a Shin Megami Tensei game for release for a long time since I wasn’t able to play IV. Is there any information on when it might get released? or is there completely no word of anything aside from there’s gonna be a release?

  82. Man this game really takes me back to the C64, arcadey classics like “Golden Axe” or “Green beret”. And it is ever so hard to progress – especially as a novice player like myself. I can only hope I “git gud” soon, as the saying goes these days…
    Great art style and music. Superb gameplay that is only tampered by some unfair enemy tactics and slight control issues.(picking up a leftover item instead of attacking other enemies for example, as these are mapped to the same button)
    Definitely an 8/10!

  83. When I bought a Switch a couple of weeks back I thought buying 4 retail games was enough…..Odyssey, Rabbids, BotW and MK8. Fast forward and I now have 9 more eshop games and with this a 5th retail release! I have some catching up to do! (Not even mentioning the PS4 that has since been collecting dust).

  84. Your review was really positive. Why the 3.5 score and not something higher. Was it jus the lack of tracks and cars and the AI that brought it down?

    1. 3½ stars is “Very good” on the Switch Player rating (3 is “Good”).

      To get a 4 or 4½ I would have liked to have seen something more unique in the game or something else to keep you returning to it. Also, the AI is pretty much at a fixed difficulty in each season. That’s not so good for those that like MK-style games where you have balances in place to keep you in the race.

      Like I say in the review, if you’re a fan of this type of game then it’s definitely a must-buy because it is fun and challenging. Otherwise it may get a bit stale over time.

    1. I’ve played a few Temco rpgs, and their main theme is leveling up and becoming overpowered. There is also a trophy list on how much damage you’ve taken, damage input, how many chests you’ve opened etc. All these rpgs are very similar in style.
      You will start in a town and indulge in a lot of dialogue, travel to a dungeon and more dialogue, travel to the next town and so forth until you reach the final point of the game.
      It’s very heavy on dialogue, so if you’re not into heavy dialogue type games, then perhaps these are not the games for you. Also, the length of these games determine how much invested time you want to put into it. If you just breeze through the story, then you’ll probably finish in under 20 hours.

  85. I failed to play the original of Stick it to the man, but I thought that it looked fun, so I got the new release. I was very disappointed, the gameplay is very tedious and boring and the art is not my cup of tea, despite loving Tim Burton’s movies.

  86. Bayonetta is gem and deserves more recognition, only a handful of people actually played the second game and even the first isn’t that well known, despite both of them being amazing games.

    I’m really happy to know that Nintendo is still keeping this title alive. I can’t wait for the 3rd game.

  87. I’ve heard that there’s no saving in co-op mode though? Meaning you don’t just start at the beginning of the level but actually have to go all the way to the start of the game? Is that really so? I’m mainly interested in co-op play and that will be a deal breaker for me. Can you confirm one way or another? Thanks!

  88. Picking this up along with Hammerwatch fairly soon for some Christmas break get togethers 🙂 Grabbed Gang Beasts too, pity there’s been no Switch announcement for that title.

  89. I understand your point of view, but complaining about 60+ songs?

    I play a lot of japanese rythym games and Hatsune Miku games for example have 30 to 40 songs while there are even games having UNDER 20.

    60+ isn’t that bad then, for the rest the game does suck.

  90. Low on content is a bit harsh. It has more songs than the vita version. Thing is we’ve been totally spoiled by the outstanding value that Voez and Deemo give. Like the other comment said, music games typically launch with 40 odd songs so this really isn’t that bad. Shame about the touch screen issues though. I always found it was easier to use buttons on the vita than the touch screen.

      1. Thanks. Not bad but will probably wait for a sale. Only had my switch a few weeks and up to 23 games so I really should stop buying and start playing some more!

  91. Well, nothing new for me, bought Minecraft after agonizing over it for a month, decided to pick it up before the new edition dropped.
    That said, I love Stikbold! I haven’t had a single person play who didn’t have fun with it, there’s even a crazy mode where you just dodge all the hazards, it can get nuts.

  92. I bought this game nearly instantly when I saw that it was coming out for the switch, I mean seriously preordered it on the spot once they announced it. I also had to buy a bunch of nba 2k18 locker codes once they became available. Thankfully my locker codes were free.

  93. I have fond memories of playing King of the Monsters at a local computer shop in Goldthorpe. It was that and another cabinet with Pac-Mania (which is the best Pac-Man game by the way).

    I may take a punt on this just because I remember the tunes were so good.

  94. I was never sure about the Wii U and never got one. At first I thought the Switch was over priced but as soon as I got it in my hands I understood how good value it is. I’m glad others are doing the same.

  95. Harsh review. I personally found this to be one of the beset multiplayer rogue-types available at the moment. I’d say regardless of preference, the game is at least a solid 3.

  96. I’d give it a 4. I love this game. It is also pretty tuff and fun to find all the secrets… i would not say it is zelda like, but it is actually a gauntlet sort of remake… i grew up (like many of you) with the amiga, the nes, i got used to the gameplay’s and game’s mechanics evolution. Nowadays a lot of indies studios use this “simplicity” to make games that have an obsolete gameplay or mechanics, but it is not the hammerwatch case. It is a point that , i guess, has to be said. Playing hammerwatch fells like a recent good indie game and not like the old gauntlet…

  97. Nintendo is being cautious. For those technologies, specially the VR, investing in it right now it’s not good for Nintendo. VR games are just dull. As for 4K, the Switch can’t handle that. Why invest in it? I prefer them to be concerned to deliver 1080p with 60 fps than worrying about 4K. Don’t get me wrong 4K is beautiful, I own a 4K TV or UDTV but I barely use its full potential. Maybe 4~6 years from now..? Dunno.

  98. I’ve been passing Dark Souls for quite sometime now… Should I give in this time? Oh là là… the indecision! *PS: I tried Bloodborne on PS4 and highly dislike it…

    1. Then I wouldn’t try Dark Souls. I haven’t played DS or BB but played a fair bit of Demon’s Souls and believe BB is similar just faster paced.

  99. Technically the Switch could output a 4K picture. It uses the same SOC as the Shield TV, the Tegra X1, and that system streams 4K video and outputs an upscaled 4K image for its menus and some games. Obviously not the same as rendering 4K imagery, but it wouldn’t be a negative were a 4K-capable Netflix app appear at some point. More a technical point of reference than a realistic goal for Nintendo, I admit.

  100. Hi, I usually like the reviews on switch player, but this one isn’t really useful to me. Especially for a port, I would want to know about the technical performance on the switch, since the gameplay and it’s shortcomings and merits have been known for quite a while. How smoothly does it run? Is it playable in handheld mode? These are the kind of questions I would have liked to have answered in this review.

  101. This is such a good game and I want it on Switch but I just can’t justify the price when I got it for free on PSN. I know that might sound cheap, and I have double dipped on a few games (Thumped, Starred Valley, Dreamworld Heist) but I will wait for a sale.

    1. I wouldn’t blame you. The game is brilliant, but if you’ve played it on PSN you know what to expect!

      Race Mode is worth playing with friends/family, but if you’re in no rush then a sale pickup is a sensible bet!

  102. Yeah, no thanks. I would love to see a park simulation come to console (not really from Atari; apparently their later efforts weren’t very good), but asking us to foot the bill for the possibility of a mobile port (and funding goodness knows what else) just isn’t on! Back of the queue, Atari!

    Having said that, I have my fingers crossed that this (and that Jurassic World game that Frontier’s developing being successful) prompts Frontier to port Planet Coaster to consoles, let alone the Switch.

  103. It’s nice to see that Switch is finally on store shelves. I was in Walmart the other day and they had an entire case full of them. I think the real issue with 3rd parties is going to be the same as what happened with the Wii. The architecture of the system is so different, and the power is reduced, that it puts devs in a bind. Even the big games coming out on Switch aren’t coming from the actual developers, but port houses. In the end, I guess Panic Button will be really busy for a few years.

  104. While I initially thought little of this, I guess this and Splasher (looks like a neat cross between Super Meat Boy’s platforming and Portal 2’s gel mechanics) look like the closest I’ll get to continuations of Portal (at least tone and theme-wise anyway).
    Good review. I might pick both up at some points in the future.

    1. You would think so! But I guess it’s intended to be about your actual like/dislike of gherkins, in relation to the burgers they’ve put on the promotional image… Hmm…!

  105. Bought this on the PS4 few months ago and enjoyed it. Liked its sense of humour (seriously, why aren’t there more Brit-centric games out there?) and its clever puzzles, not to mention that it is genuinely satirical which you don’t find that often with video games. Probably would’ve loved it more if I didn’t fork out £15 for the privilege (or if they justified the price tag with a longer story).

    I mean, £10 on the Switch is easier to swallow, but there’s no denying that it’s still quite a short game, so for my money it’s a solid 7 (out of 10).

  106. Kinda like Splatoon before Splatoon then? (Yes, I know they’re different; I played both of them).

    Seriously, though. I’ve played both of these before, and they were good. Wouldn’t mind a third one if there is the demand for it.

  107. It’s not surprising at all. Porting Hearthstone wouldn’t make sense without crossplay, and for that Blizz would need to allow third parties into Battle.net. Too much of a security and business risk.

    1. Hey Yuka!

      Thanks for visiting Switch Player and for giving your opinion on this review. We welcome everyone’s right to an opinion, even if we disagree and you won’t find us throwing unnecessary abuse at people for doing so, which I’m sure you’ll agree would be very immature. After all, we don’t all think the same or even like the same things.

      I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you actually read every word that Ollie wrote here, justifying the score in his opinion rather than seeing the score – which I’ll add, isn’t a score we give out often – and jumping to conclusions and coming to post a troll comment just because.

      Whilst I’ve got you here, I’ll point out that our average score for 275 Switch game reviews is 67%, which I’m sure even you can see isn’t indicative of overwhelming praise.

      Although you won’t be able to reply due to your “dickrider” comment, I have to ask why you felt it necessary to come and comment on a Nintendo exclusive review for a system that you clearly don’t like. You wouldn’t just be trolling now, would you? Surely you’d have better things to do on a system that impresses you more?

    2. Hey Yuka!

      Thanks for visiting Switch Player and for giving your opinion on this review. We welcome everyone’s right to an opinion, even if we disagree and you won’t find us throwing unnecessary abuse at people for doing so, which I’m sure you’ll agree would be very immature. After all, we don’t all think the same or even like the same things.
      I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you actually read every word that Ollie wrote here, justifying the score in his opinion rather than seeing the score – which I’ll add, isn’t a score we give out often – and jumping to conclusions and coming to post a troll comment just because.

      Whilst I’ve got you here, I’ll point out that our average score for 275 Switch game reviews is 67%, which I’m sure even you can see isn’t indicative of overwhelming praise.

      Although you won’t be able to reply due to your “dickrider” comment, I have to ask why you felt it necessary to come and comment on a Nintendo exclusive review for a system that you clearly don’t like. You wouldn’t just be trolling now, would you? Surely you’d have better things to do on a system that impresses you more?

  108. Here is the real score : 9 out of 10. I’m in NZ and have been playing it like crazy and I want to let you guys know that it’s awesome. Don’t worry about the other versions of the game, this one has no slow down, the graphics are great (not fuzzy like doom which I loved) and the AI is nowhere near as bad as everybody keeps harping on about. It’s just straight up fun and is an exciting port of the first real world shooter on the switch. It handles like a dream and just feels fun to sneak around or shooting loads of guns. Don’t miss out on a wicked game guys especially those who have never tried it. Definitely 9 out of 10.

      1. Hey chitty, online takes a wee while to join as half the world hasn’t got it yet. I’m deeply enjoying the single player on its own. So worth it. You will love it bro

  109. I share the same sentiments as well. While others may be opposed to the idea of ports, I’d say that these ports are amazing and they allow me to experience games that I’ve already played or haven’t yet, on a handheld.

    1. Hi Zul!

      If you mean trade the points for rewards, yes, you’ll still be able to use them! You just won’t have earned as many points now as you will when the system comes into effect. Be sure to save the rest of your games to redeem!

      Hope this helps. 🙂


  110. I agree. I always wanted the Vita and remote play to do better, but with the Switch hosting the actual ports that would be better. I’m so glad Doom and others are doing well as it shows ports can work. That portability really does make double dipping a little too easy sometimes.

  111. I’d consider double dipping. I thoroughly loved the game on PS4. You can add to that the heavily rumoured Spyro trilogy too. Those games never get old.

    1. I’m guessing there *might* be some paid DLC for Super Mario Odyssey announced tonight too? Maybe some more indie and third-party ports? It’s been a while since anything was said about Yoshi.

      Ah, well. As long as there’s a few pieces of news that interest me… Roll along 10pm.

  112. Great! Here’s hoping that we also get Origins/Legends-era Rayman and some ARMS representation this time around (hey, it’s one of those series where anything’s possible so… why not?).

    Anyone else want to speculate if they’ll be adding anything new?

  113. I was very disapointed in the quality of billiard / pool games on the Switch. They look like 10 years old games… I haven’t tried any though, do you have any recommandation for either of those available on the eshop right now ?

  114. I get the strange feeling that Ubisoft is slowly creeping into bringing microtransactions and lootboxes to the switch; two practices which, frankly, could go burn in hell.

  115. So no folders yet? I’d love that on the Switch. Decent update all the same (news filter is welcome), but I was expecting a bit more from this update.

    1. Hackers from the Switch “scene” are studying this update and they found a lot of security improvements. 5.0 is more of a big security patch than anything features related.

  116. It looks like a faster paced Inside (with a MUCH brighter and sci-fi look), just more platformer than puzzle-solver. That is to say, it looks great and I am definitely intrigued.

  117. There are all kinds of indie games that I wouldn’t mind seeing on the Switch; Gang Beasts, A Hat in Time, Thomas Was Alone, Volume (already played that one on the Vita but I really hope that Mike Bithell helps to put his other works on there after Subsurface Circular), the Deponia series, a date for Undertale (I wish)… and that’s just off the top of my head.

    Really though, the sky is the limit here. I always like to be surprised so I’m looking forward to Tuesday.

  118. What? This isn’t even a good show to convert into a video game. I have absolutely no clue how this could go.. Control Pablo? Control the DEA? Be another Drug Dealer? Be a Fantasy (made up) Drug Dealer?

  119. NO CAPES!!!

    Seriously though; I do wish that TT Games worked on a property that didn’t involve LEGO. I mean, I like building the odd kit occasionally, and I used to love the games, but as fun as they can be they’re basically all the same to me (though toys-to-life aspect aside I personally think of Dimensions as an achievement in squeezing the most unlikely licenses together within a short space of each other, which personally made me the most interested in a LEGO game for a long while).

  120. Oh my, don’t tell me that they’ll release a “DLC” with SFIV for the Switch but that’s included in the cartridge. Same goes to the other versions. LOL…

  121. I am so gosh darn skeptical of this.. I mean, a mobile port and a switch port?

    I dunno man. It would be fantastic if this has good framerates, but we won’t know till it’s in our hands.

  122. Sounds like a stupidly big compromise. Personally I’ve never had an issue with the separate buttons instead of d pad. Although I admit I default to the analog when playing platformers as I struggled to play shovel knight on the d pad buttons. The analogs work fine though.

  123. I wasn’t so sure about this to begin with, but your review has explained it very well and I’m adding yet another game to my mammoth wish list!

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