StarFox headed to Ubisoft’s Starlink as Nintendo Exclusive

Barrel rolling right into another company’s conference.

One of the few surprise announcements to not be leaked ahead of time at E3, StarFox, more specifically Fox Mcloud and his iconic Arwing ship, are coming to the Nintendo Switch version of Ubisoft’s upcoming Starlink: Battle for Atlas. See below for pictures of the toys to life game’s  exclusive Switch bundle:

Shots of the Switch exclusive starter pack for the game, featuring the Arwing and Fox himself.

Following the success of Ubisoft’s collobaration with Nintendo on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, which is also getting additional DLC, Yves Guillemot once again invited Shigeru Miyamoto on stage to present him with a prototype Arwing, after revealing as part of Ubi’s E3 conference that Fox will be an exclusive playable character in the upcoming toys to life game Starlink.

Mr Miyamoto was presented with a prototype Arwing during the show, which will be used as part of gameplay and mounted onto the controller.

Fox Mcloud will be only available on the Switch version of the game, and playing as him will give you access to Switch-exclusive ‘Star Wolf missions.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is scheduled to be released on October 16th.