Semispheres Review

Semispheres is an interesting little concept involving two spheres needing to navigate their way through a level to an end portal. The caveat being that the spheres are separated into 2 sides of the screen and the puzzles come from using the spheres to interact with the other side and open up a path to the end goal. These interactions take the form of power-ups you’ll be able to collect, which range from simple distraction noises that attract the attention of enemies or being able to open up a portal to the other side.

Preview: Super Mario Odyssey Could Be The Best Mario Yet

“Where to begin?” – a question not only appropriate to the writing of this preview but also the game itself; Super Mario Odyssey has the potential to be one of the greatest Mario adventures we’ve ever seen, partly thanks to its overwhelming amount of possibilities. Recently, I was lucky enough to get my hands on it to explore three of the Kingdoms on offer and, whilst I’m confident that I hardly scratched the surface of things to see and do, the time I had with the game was a blast. Let’s delve deeper…

NeuroVoider Review

The Switch hasn’t got too many games which allow you to take out all of your real-life frustrations by unloading a load of explosives in the direction of hordes of killer robots, has it? Fortunately, NeuroVoider is here to fill the, ahem, void.