Switch Player issue 69: the final issue

The first issue of Switch Player launched around the time of the Switch console’s release. Our second issue featured our verdict on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Little did we know that there would be such incredible years ahead for Nintendo’s newest console, and indeed for this magazine itself. However, as the founder and all-round hero Paul Murphy discusses in this issue’s Editorial, this, sadly, is the final issue of Switch Player magazine (sob).

It seems apt that Tears of the Kingdom has arrived in time for our send-off, and we’ve got plenty of Zelda content in this issue, including our big review. That’s not all however: on page 46 we’ve compiled a huge feature written by Switch Player writers past and present that reveals our all-time favourite games on the console. When you read the results, I hope you think we’ve got good gaming taste! There are two exclusive interviews in this issue too, featuring Paul Murphy and our art editor Jhonatan Carneiro.

The whole team here at Switch Player love creating these magazines for you, our readers. It’s not goodbye however; we’re all pressing “Continue” with a stab of our fingers and planning to bring you something new and exciting to read soon.

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Our latest issue includes:

  • Our definitive countdown of the 50 best Switch games, chosen by the Switch Player team
  • Exclusive interviews with Switch Player founder Paul Murphy and Art Editor Jhonatan Carneiro
  • Our epic The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review and player’s guide
  • And more Nintendo features

Claim a piece of gaming history, with the final issue of Switch Player magazine.

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