Personality & Psychology Premium Review

Time to find out your inner character.

You know those personality tests you see floating around social media which claim to be able to inform you if you’re an introvert, a genius, or even maybe a future Prime Minister? They were pretty popular amongst the kids some years ago, but now it seems to be the domain of elderly grandmothers to spread them around like the plague. But the Switch eShop now has a game entirely dedicated to these ‘all-revealing’ questionnaires.

Some of the tests that the game has in store.

Personality & Psychology Premium offers up to five players the chance to find out all about the inner workings of their brain, and their place in society. With a series of ‘serious’ tests and more tests ‘for fun’, this ‘game’ is a non-stop interview designed to uncover all of the layers of your character. The serious tests address topics regarding whether you are wise, shy, a thinker, friendly and more, continuing to further topics which analyse your stress levels, your health, guilt, political and socio-economic views as well as your sexuality. There’s no explicit ‘gay test’ here, as the players of some of the banter-filled testers you can find in the furthest reaches of the internet might be disappointed to hear, but the game does ask some particularly prying questions, from whether you find both sexes attractive, how adventurous you are behind closed doors and daring things you might not even consider doing out in public.

Am I happy? I’m playing Personality & Psychology Premium, so how could I not be?!

The aim is to find you a position on a scale by allocating a score generated by your answers to all of the questions in a specific test. For example, the ‘Are you a Capitalist’ test, certain answers can lead you towards socialism, but if you believe that people should be free to make as much money as they can get, and answer the corresponding questions accordingly, you should be placed at the other end of the scale. This can get quite offensive in some cases – tests indicating people are not committed, reliable or trustworthy mean this is no place for those who can’t handle some harsh words.

Less serious tests try to find out who you were in a past life, your priorities in life (this one’s weird – it reckons your interpretation of sex is related to how you see cats). But ultimately the reasoning behind these games makes little to no sense – asking you to input a series of numbers, girls’ names and song titles and then telling you you ‘think of Grace every time you hear Poker Face by Lady Gaga’ doesn’t have any sound logic behind it, and nor does the game try to convince you that there’s some sort of clever rationale going into it. It really does feel like something a primary school age young girl might have thought up – with the proviso that the person asking the questions is going to be a unicorn from the start no matter what responses they offer up.

One of the less serious quizzes.

With so many of this type of game available online and in the family board games market – and for free in most of the online cases – it’s very difficult to encourage coughing up the £8 for Personality & Psychology Premium. With thinking and rationale which don’t seem to be working in tandem, you’d be better off getting your short bursts of this sort of entertainment for free online.

Personality & Psychology Premium


Personality & Psychology Premium asks the tough questions, but it doesn’t do much that you can’t find for free on the internet.