De Mambo Review

De Mambo‘s developers, The Dangerous Kitchen, aren’t one to shy away from their influences. De Mambo was devised as a way of distracting the developers from scouring the internet for Smash Bros. news ahead of the Nintendo brawler’s release on the 3DS. The Dangerous Kitchen have set out to take the premise from Nintendo’s game, strip it down to it’s bare bones, keep it fun, and make it their own – have they succeeded in doing this? Carry on reading to find out!

Vaccine Review

As someone who spent much of the late 90’s playing one rendition or another of Capcom’s Resident Evil series, I was actually quite excited to jump into Vaccine once I saw the obvious nod in styling. On the surface it has much of the same elements as the early titles in that series, and I figured it’d offer the same kind of challenge. My excitement was soon met with both admiration and anger however, as Vaccine ended up being much harder to pick up than its inspirational forefather. Actually, it was much harder in pretty much every way – and that’s kind of what makes it a great game in its own right.

ARMS Review

As a company, Nintendo has a history of innovation – both good and bad. Their consoles have been trying new things since long before it was ever popular to be the odd one out (VirtualBoy), and they’re still doing it right up to this very moment. One of their latest innovations is ARMS; a fighting game where your arms are basically springy noodles and you’ve got to reach for your opponent. That sounds like a crazy, gimmicky mess – right? Well the joke’s on you, ’cause this “crazy, gimmicky mess” is more fun than a whole bin of fireworks.

World of Goo Review

Physics games are a dime a dozen these days, but rarely does a physics game have a hook that catches you for more than five minutes. World of Goo is that rare occasion, and over its handful of chapters and plethora of differently styled levels therein I had a lot of fun… when it worked as intended. It’s one of those games you really want to like, but can very easily be frustrated by.