STRIKERS1945 for Nintendo Switch Review

STRIKERS1945 for Nintendo Switch (nope, I have no idea why it has been stylised as if we’re being shouted at either), is a port of the 1995 arcade release ‘Strikers 1945’ originally developed by Psikyo. The game has seen various re-releases on Sega Saturn, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and even iOS and Android, but this is the first time we’ve seen it appear on a Nintendo console. The Switch version has been published by Zerodiv, who also brought GUNBARICH (another Psikyo arcade game) to the eShop on the same day, signalling the potential start of a whole wave of arcade titles heading to the console. Is this one worth picking up though? Let’s find out.

Retro City Rampage DX Review

Retro City Rampage DX is the culmination of a 15 year journey for Vblank Entertainment. It started development in 2002, and gained traction in 2011 as the indie darling of gaming conventions – now available in iterations on current gen, mobile, and even Nintendo consoles. Despite its original release on WiiWare in February 2013, and the DX edition on 3DS a year later, Retro City Rampage DX on Nintendo Switch feels not only like a fresh experience, it takes each advantage from previous versions and combines them to deliver the best version of a great game.

Severed Review

Severed is a rather unique touch-based game from Canadian natives Drinkbox Studios. It follows one-armed protagonist Sasha as she wakes up in a strange world, through her initial meeting with Death personified, and right on through into her game-long goal of finding her family. Though this isn’t my first romp with Sasha, it might as well have been – ’cause I had just as much fun playing it for the first time on Switch as I did when it first released on Vita. Severed is simply a gore-ridden masterpiece of dungeon crawling puzzle action, and I’m here to tell you a bit more about it.

Puzzle Adventure Blockle Review

People enjoy video games for different reasons; some like to be able to escape from the real world by diving into a fantasy experience offering quests full of wonder and detail, while others like to pass the time by playing smaller, simple games such as puzzles to test and distract the mind. Puzzle Adventure Blockle is the latter (as you might expect), yet it uses up so much unnecessary energy trying to be the former at the same time. If you look past this fact however, some enjoyment can be found in the puzzles themselves. Let me explain further…

Infinite Minigolf Review

I don’t know much about golf. It isn’t a popular sport where I live, so I have never watched an actual game (never mind going out and actually playing it). Everything that I know about it – and about its “mini” subcategory – comes from the funny Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker classic episodes, in which sneezing plays a huge part in the game strategy. Considering this background of mine, when I started to play Infinite Minigolf I was a bit skeptical whether it would have any appeal to me. Gosh, I’m glad I was wrong.