New Amiibo functionality revealed for Breath of the Wild

The newest Nintendo figures will interact with BOTW when it is released. Find out how!

Last week the latest figures in Nintendo’s collectable character sets released, themed around the 30th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda. Have you picked yours up yet? You can choose from an 8-bit Link, Link from Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time Link or even a Wind Waker Zelda. You’ve got them all, haven’t you?

Whether of not you’ve grabbed the latest figurines, you’ll probably know that these characters can interact with many different games and they are not only confirmed to work with the Switch, but also with the upcoming Breath of the Wild and thanks to a post on Nintendo’s official Tumblr page, we now know what they will do in the newest Zelda adventure!

Once activated, each will offer some random items and could even present you with a chest containing a rare present!

  • 8-bit  Link will reward you with a random number of barrels. You may also find rupees as well!
  • Ocarina of Time Link will reward you with a random amount of meat
  • Toon  Link will reward you with a random amount of fish.
  • Wind Waker Zelda will reward you with a random selection of plants

What do you make of this slightly random news? Have you grabbed the new figures yet?

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