Splatoon 2 Headed to the Nintendo Switch This Summer

Splatoon is back, and getting ready to paint you black and blue when it launches this Summer.

The squid-like Inklings are back for some colourfully chaotic 4-on-4 team shooter action with Splatoon 2 – headed to the Nintendo Switch sometime this Summer. It’ll mark the Splatoon gang’s first time going portable in Handheld Mode, and allow you to take turf war battles on the go via local multiplayer and its portable play styles.

Are you hyped yet? ‘Cause you should be!

In addition to more of what you’ve seen in the original, you’ll also get access to new weapons (like the dual-wielding Splat Dualies), new twists on classic weapons, new trends, and even fresh updates – the support continuing long after the title hits your hands. Splatoon 2 looks to take your attention for another two years, so they’ve pulled out all the stops!

Get a look at the upcoming title in action via some new media below;

Splatoon 2 is due out this Summer on the Nintendo Switch.

Will you be getting inked with the rest of us?

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