Monopoly is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft is bringing everyone’s favourite board game to a system uniquely suited to playing it a lot like the original.

Featuirng three different 3D boards – in Classic City, Amusement Park, or Haunted Town style – as well as the ability to play anytime, anywhere, and any way you want… there is most certainly a style or version of Monopoly here for even the most casual player. Best of all, thanks to the HD Rumble feature you can feel the dice as if they were right in your hand; perfect for recreating that classic feel with up to six players locally or online. The more you play, the more you unlock – so if Monopoly is your kind of game, you should probably pick it up for Switch. 😉

Need more convincing? Check it out for yourself in the debut Direct footage below;

Monopoly for the Nintendo Switch is due out sometime this Fall, so keep an eye out… or go directly to jail. 😛

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