A Core Pokemon Title is Headed to the Nintendo Switch

A representative from The Pokemon Company has confirmed that a core Pokemon title – one of those traditional ones we all enjoy – is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch.

Tsuenkazu Ishihara appeared during Nintendo’s short E3 showing to note that while the core Pokemon title “may not release for more than a year,” they hope you look forward to it. The Official Pokemon Twitter account chimed in, reaffirming Mr. Ishihara’s announcement and broadcasting it to the world.

While many were disappointed (at least a little) by the fact that a traditional Pokemon game wasn’t announced at the Pokemon Direct a few days ago, it seems that one is most definitely in the works – just not ready as soon as Pokken Tournament DX was.

Looks to me like we’re going to be getting a lot of Pokemon love on Switch, don’t you think?

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