Splatoon 2 Sees Tweaks In Update To Version 1.1.2

If you’ve loaded up your copy of Splatoon 2 recently, you may have noticed that a new patch has just been released, updating the game to ‘Version 1.1.2’. As we’re a generous bunch, we thought we’d share with you all the details about what’s included in the new update.

The US Nintendo Support website has released an official rundown of everything included in the patch, including a handy table detailing adjustments to the special gauges for certain weapons:

  • An occasionally occurring issue allowed players to receive gear from the SplatNet Gear Shop with an unintended combination of gear abilities. The combination of abilities for this type of gear has been changed to match those of gear available for purchase in the Inkopolis Square shops.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented ranking information from displaying properly when viewing “Past Records” for League Battle.
  • Adjusted the number of points required to fill the special gauge for the following weapons:
Weapon Before ⇒ After
Splat Dualies 180⇒170
Hero Dualie Replicas 180⇒170
Enperry Splat Dualies 180⇒170
Tentatek Splattershot 190⇒210
N-ZAP ’85 180⇒200
.96 Gal 180⇒210
Slosher 180⇒190
Hero Slosher Replica 180⇒190
Tri-Slosher 180⇒210
Mini Splatling 180⇒190

Splatoon 2 has already been a highly enjoyable experience online, but with little tweaks like these, the experience should continue to be perfected as time goes on.

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