‘Feel-Good Shooter’ Gal*Gun 2 Is Firing Onto Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is set to gain a shooter with a rather unique twist. Developer, Inti Creates, has announced that Gal*Gun 2 will be coming to the console in Q1 of 2018.

The Gal*Gun games centre around a protagonist who is incredibly unpopular at school. He soon sees a change in fortune, however, when shot by an overpowered Cupid’s arrow. With this new, accidental power bestowed inside him, girls at the school suddenly cannot resist his charms, chasing after him in a bid to claim him as their partner. This arrow seems like a pretty dangerous object to me… (Still, I’ll take seven, please!).

The girls start to get violent, though, and as the protagonist, you must fend them off with your ‘Pheromone Shot’, constantly searching for the girl of your dreams. This new title in the series will feature the return of its ‘Doki Doki’ mode, a brand new story, and side quests in which you can earn ‘demon-busting points’ to unlock new missions and story scenes.

Is this a game you see yourself playing when it releases next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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