LEGO The Incredibles leaks, confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch

The pieces are all coming together!

Another week, another leaked announcement that’s sure to annoy some high-profile executive somewhere. But hey, it’s good news for us gamers! LEGO The Incredibles is the candidate this time around, with the game confirmed for release some time in the near future. One presumes to coincide with the release of Pixar’s long-awaited sequel movie.

Posted to Resetera by an eagle-eyed Walmart employee, the leaked image comes from the back of the instructions included with LEGO’s new line of Incredibles 2 Juniors toy sets. As you can see from the promo, the game will be available for all the usual candidates including PS4, Xbox One, and of course the Nintendo Switch.

LEGO The Incredibles will mark the first time that a Pixar property has been given the LEGO treatment in its own game, but what do you think? Let us know if you plan on picking it up.

Source: Brick Fan

One thought on “LEGO The Incredibles leaks, confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch”

  1. NO CAPES!!!

    Seriously though; I do wish that TT Games worked on a property that didn’t involve LEGO. I mean, I like building the odd kit occasionally, and I used to love the games, but as fun as they can be they’re basically all the same to me (though toys-to-life aspect aside I personally think of Dimensions as an achievement in squeezing the most unlikely licenses together within a short space of each other, which personally made me the most interested in a LEGO game for a long while).

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