Super Rare Games ‘sign their content exclusively’

A rare treasure

They may have only had one game out so far, but Super Rare Games have already become one of our favourite physical release companies out there.

Publishing their games exclusively for Nintendo Switch, the company confirmed on Monday that all of the 5,000 copies of their maiden game, Human: Fall Flat, have now been dispatched, meaning we should be seeing them going for obscene prices on eBay any moment now (too late).

Making that release all the more special, a vinyl was released to accompany the game, as were a set of five cards, of which only 125 were signed by game creator Tomas Sakalauskas. See the pic below for an example of one of the holy grail cards.

Their games will also all feature a number on the spine to further capture those collectors.

Both Super Rare Games titles are available to buy together now.

Last month, pre-orders for their second physical release, The Flame in the Flood, went up – and you can still grab yours now, while stocks last!

But that’s not all Switch fans need to take in as far as Super Rare Games are concerned. In an email sent out to collectors today, the company clarified some further information.

Here’s what they said:

  • We sign our content exclusively – you won’t see anyone else release them

  • Shipping costs will go down significantly as we have partnered with a US distribution company – this will also mean games come quicker!!

  • We don’t plan on having a ‘click and drop’ business model. We will be unleashing a system to ensure super-fans get their games 100% of the time.


They also encouraged fans to Tweet them their suggestions of future releases, while also mentioning the developers. What games would you like to see get a physical release?

The company promises that their next releases will be ‘absolutely insane’ – if that’s not a hype generator, we don’t know what is…


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