The Legend of Evil Review

Bring about the apocalypse in this legendary tactical adventure.

The Legend of Evil is an indie strategy game perfect for the Nintendo Switch. Boasting a twenty-level campaign and a unique survival mode titled “Rogue Conquest”, the game’s core gameplay consists of strategic tower offence, requiring players to think carefully about the demons they summon, the towers they build, and the choices they make while attempting to bring about the apocalypse.

In The Legend of Evil‘s excellent campaign, you play as Bill, a power-hungry demon fixated on the destruction of humankind. In each level, you must destroy the humans’ central tower of power whilst also protecting your own, and must strategically choose whether to use your collected Souls to upgrade your towers and/or recruit different monsters. Souls can be obtained by digging with ZR, defeating enemies, or by destroying structures on the battlefield, so utilising your dash ability with B is a must to collect as many Souls and “Obol coins” as you can.

Humans are pesky creatures, and won’t let you destroy the world as easily as you’d hope…

In Rogue Conquest, you progress through nine unique levels, using the Obol coins you find and earn to purchase new monsters and tower upgrades. You can customise your playable character and create your own demon variants through the Forge system, resulting in new and unique experiences each time. No two attempts are ever the same, and with the threat of failing three missions resulting in your elimination, the heightened difficulty of this mode will challenge even the hardiest strategists.

Additionally, there are many extra features for players to enjoy in The Legend of Evil. By pressing X when encountering a new monster or enemy, you can learn interesting facts about them and log their details in the “Human-Opedia”, accessible from the game’s “Others” menu. Similarly, you can listen to many of the game’s tracks (which are absolutely wonderful, by the way) in the Sound Settings menu, allowing you to revisit your favourites without having to play levels again. Graphically, I would compare The Legend of Evil to Stardew Valley, as both games utilise the pixellated style exceptionally well, and are a joy to look at.

There are plenty of challenges for you to try your hand at, in addition to the numerous available levels.

One of my favourite features of The Legend of Evil, though, is the various campaign challenges. These challenges differ greatly between levels, and require you to meet criteria such as slaying a particular number of enemies, completing a level within a set time, or digging up a certain amount of Obol coins in order to complete. These challenges draw you to replay levels that you may have previously struggled with (or, conversely, completed far too quickly), giving the game greater replay value beyond the brilliant gameplay itself.

Overall, The Legend of Evil is a fantastic indie game that I would highly recommend. The game offers so much to its players, not just in terms of its core gameplay, and the extra features it offers make it much more engaging and fun to play than other indie titles on the market. If you’re looking for a strategy game to sink your teeth into, give The Legend of Evil a try, and see what your apocalypse looks like.

The Legend of Evil


The Legend of Evil is a fantastic indie title to sink your teeth into. With gorgeous graphics, an upbeat soundtrack and some very, very challenging levels, there is plenty of content to keep you entertained. Some levels may take a few tries to successfully overcome, but the feeling of satisfaction at slaughtering the masses cannot be beaten.