PAX South

Nothing to Announce: The Indies of PAX South

While at PAX South 2020, I had the opportunity to play more indie titles in the span of three days than I can count. As someone who values the indie space immensely and finds these experiences can, at times, rival those you find in AAA development, I wanted to take the time here to highlight three titles that I was blown away by, that currently are not slated for the Nintendo Switch. Why would we do that at a Nintendo site, you may ask? Well, because “nothing to announce” can quickly turn into an appearance on an Indie World showcase with a launch on our system-of-choice to follow. Each of these games are still early in development, so their future hasn’t been written in stone, but every one gets my official stamp of approval to make their way over to the Nintendo Switch. 

Probably most well-known for their mobile game hit, My Singing Monsters, Big Blue Bubble has a grade-A banger on their hands with Foregone. Playing a lot like Dead Cells, with a brutal difficulty and action-platforming gameplay, Foregone might have the prettiest, and most impressive, animations I have seen in a game in some time. Modelled in 3D, with a 2D overlay, the monster-boss fights in this one are a thing of beauty. With lootable drops and a littering of abilities, you must fight your way through hordes of enemies in order to unravel a story filled with secrets while doing everything you can to save the city of Calagan. Set to launch on 27 February, 2020, exclusively on the Epic Games Store during early access, this title will come to consoles later this year. Unfortunately for those Mario-toting fans out there, the Nintendo Switch is not currently one of those consoles. According to the development team on the floor at PAX South, they would love to bring the game to Switch and plan on it eventually, but they have been focusing on their current slate for the time being. Let’s hope they can make that happen!

Bill Hates Video Games is one of those titles that just oozes charm, even if it’s just because the main character hates being the star of this show. Brimming with references to The Legend of Zelda, and playing similarly to one of the top-down versions, this is something that should, by all accounts, end up on the Switch. Dungeon design feels exactly like moving through The Binding of Isaac, and between all of this, makes for something that you will have to add to your list of must-haves. Plus, Bill eats actual garbage for some reason, so that’s cool. Bill Hates Video Games is in development from the duo of Saam Pahlavan and M. James Short, and as they are still deep in development there is little in terms of announcements, but this is one that will hopefully end up on our favourite little hybrid-handheld. 

Lastly, we have the delightful Garden Story from Picogram and Rose City Games. I like to think of this title as Stardew Valley, without the farming. This social sim / RPG has you controlling Concord, the grape person who has become the newest guardian of the village. As a Rot begins to seep through the island, you must fight it back. All whilst aiding the villagers on side quests, fishing, dungeon crawling, and more! The top-down, pixel art style and charm of the plant-based characters make for something endearing and full of charm. Currently set for a Spring 2020 release on all the PC-related platforms, this title is about to take the indie space by storm. All we can do is sit back and wait, whilst hoping the little Concord makes his way to the village of Nintendo, to be our guardian as well. 

Those are three titles that currently have “Nothing to Announce”, but would love to find themselves on the Nintendo Switch – we would love to have them as well. Here’s hoping that all of these titles can eventually make it to the system, but we wish them all the best and good luck as they prepare for the launch in 2020 and beyond.