Hori is launching a Joy-Con with a D-pad

The peripheral company is launching a Joy-Con with a traditional D-pad.

With fans clamouring for a more traditional D-pad on the Switch, Japanese peripheral company Hori have stepped in with an answer, albeit with a few compromises along the way. This new Joy-Con won’t have many of the additional features such as the gyro sensors or accelerometer, on top of that the Joy-Con cannot be used wireless, it only works when attached to the Switch. These are pretty big compromises in order to have a D-pad but in order to help balance things out the Hori Joy-Con is set to sell for ¥2,480 (roughly £17).

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The Hori D-pad Joy-Con is set to launch in Japan July 2018, there’s no word yet on a western release but if this proves popular then don’t be surprised to see it on our shores. Stay tuned to the Switch Player for more information as we get it.