Lego The Incredibles Confirmed for Switch

It’s showtime.

Following the recent image leaks, TT games announced today that Lego The Incredibles is coming to Xbox One, PC, PS4 and, most importantly, Nintendo Switch. Check out the announcement trailer below:

Speaking to IGN, TT Games executive producer Nick Ricks describes gameplay in the upcoming title as centred around a hub world, with levels spanning across both the original film and the upcoming Incredibles 2. With Pixar famous for easter eggs in their films, Ricks also hints at the possibility of other Disney favourites popping up alongside the likes of Dynaguy and GazerBeam. Edna Mode…. and guests?

Lego The Incredibles will release alongside the upcoming film, that’s June 15th for the US and July 13th for us in the UK. We’re getting it almost a month later?! Perhaps Syndrome is still at work…

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