The Walking Dead – The Final Season is Coming to Switch

Clem’s back folks, one last time.

Announced with a swanky new trailer, Telltale’s The Walking Dead – The Final Season will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, albeit with a rather vague ‘late 2018’ release window.

The game’s first episode will be heading to other platforms on August 14th 2018, with pre-orders opening on 8th June.

The trailer features our beloved heroine Clementine alongside fellow survivor AJ. In typical Walking Dead fashion, thing looks rather bleak, with Clem going over the basic ‘rules’ of surviving in a zombie apocalypse – never go alone, always shoot the monsters in the head, and save the last bullet for yourself.

It ends with Clem ominously asking AJ, “Now, what do you do if I get bit?”, before cutting to black.

Of course, the release of the final season on Switch begs the question: will we get the first three seasons in the interim? I’d say so, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Check out the trailer for The Walking Dead – The Final Season below.

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