LEGO City Undercover Announced

Former Wii U exclusive headed to the Switch in 2017.

The well-received open world LEGO title, LEGO City Undercover will be getting a Switch version next year, Warner Bros. Games has announced.

The publisher posted on Twitter confirming a Spring 2017 release, along with a PS4, PC and Xbox One release.

Unlike most LEGO titles, which are themed around licenses, LEGO City Undercover I themed around the LEGO City brand as sees you play as Chase McCain, an undercover cop in a vast, open-world LEGO city. Along the way you’ll experience a variety of missions and learn new skills in what is described as a brick based, reverse Grand Theft Auto.

We will bring you more news on the game as it comes in, along with a release date. That Spring date is rather ominous, don’t you think? What are the chances it says Spring because it’ll launch with the Switch?

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