UK Retailer GAME Taking Pre-orders NOW!

Local in-store pre-orders being taken for just £20 now.

My Son wanted to spend some of the Christmas money he had burning a hole in his pocket, so we popped to my local town centre. We went into the videogame retailer GAME and saw the above display, so I wasted no time in getting my deposit down, and paid £20 for the privilege.

If you are a UK resident and are looking to get your Switch secured, you should pop down and see if your local are taking pre-orders. Of course you can buy online, but many stores have ridiculous place-holder prices right now – GAME’s online price for the Switch is currently £999 – so sticking a small fee down could be your best bet.

Although the chap who took my order didn’t explain it to me, it would appear that sticking a pre-order down could also win you a Switch and a game, so it could be worth it just for that! Those with keen eyesight will also notice the advert to the side, which appears to state that Breath of the Wild is going to release in March too, dispelling those “delay” rumours you may have heard.

Have you put a deposit down for your Switch yet?

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