Graceful Explosion Machine announced for the Switch

More frantic shooter based action from Canadian developer Vertex Pop launches this Spring.

Have you heard of Canadian developer Vertex Pop? Last year the studio released WE ARE DOOMED, which was a frantic and vibrantly coloured twin-stick shooter where you controlled a spaceship with an overpowered laser beam on PS4, Xbox One, PC and PSVita. The studio have clearly been busy, because they’ve just announced the follow-up, called Graceful Explosion Machine for the Nintendo Switch!

As you can see from the trailer above, the titular space-craft certainly does what it says on the tin as you are tasked with expertly piloting the fighter whilst destroying swathes of enemies with your incredibly over-powered quad weapon array. That’s right, your weapon is capable of firing four weapons, all at the same time!

Lost in deep space, you’ll need to “shoot, dash and combo” your way through a variety of bejewelled alien worlds, fighting to find the way back home.

The game features more than 30 intense side-scrolling levels with a “deep combo system” and scoring mechanics. The visuals are described as “bursting with vibrant colour” with bold lines and design across all four unique worlds, all backed by a synthesiser-driven soundtrack.

The game will also feature an extensive ranking system for each level. Will you be able to perfect each one? There is also a score attack mode where you can rack up huge scores!

Graceful Explosion Machine is set to debut on the Nintendo Switch this Spring. We will bring you more news as we have it!

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