Hollow Knight Headed to Switch in Lieu of Wii U

Team Cherry has announced that Hollow Knight will be skipping the Wii U in favour of the Switch, which means we’ve got another title to add to our list of games.

Being that it’s now 2017, Team Cherry have taken to their site blog to talk about their plans going forward; and seeing as how the Wii U is now pretty much a dead platform (with Zelda being the last Nintendo title bound for it, and the system out of production) they’ve moved their sights to releasing Hollow Knight on the Nintendo Switch.

Headed to our platform after Windows, Mac, and Linux, Hollow Knight is a 2D action platformer set in a world full of amazing hand-drawn art and strange, twisted characters. You’ll get to explore, make new friends, and fight your way though the landscape – proving your mettle as a knight, and getting yourself to safety.

Sound interesting? Check out some previously released media below!

Terrifying things lie in the dark, will your honour as a knight get you past them?

Hollow Knight is officially headed to the Nintendo Switch, but as for exactly when – we’re just as in the dark as you are.

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