Two Nintendo Switch Commercials Appear (& They’re Awesome)

Nintendo of America and Nintendo UK have each posted a brand new Nintendo Switch commercial, and they’re full of tasty hype.

If you’re getting antsy waiting for launch day, I’ve got something that will…. probably make it worse, but in a good way. Both Nintendo of America and Nintendo UK have posted new commercials for their upcoming hybrid system – and while the former is an extended Super Bowl LI spot running at 1:41, the latter is even more lengthy as “play anytime, anywhere, with anyone” runs nearly 5 minutes long at 4:49.

Have you got about seven minutes to spare? If so, dive in and jack up that hype rating below.

Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI Commercial – Extended Cut

Nintendo Switch – Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone

The Nintendo Switch launches March 3rd in most regions, are you picking one up?

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