Human Resource Machine, Little Inferno, & World of Goo Confirmed for Switch Launch

Tomorrow Corporation has announced that three of their titles will hit the Switch on launch day.

According to a recent post on Tomorrow Corporation’s website, it looks like Human Resource Machine, Little Inferno, & World of Goo have been confirmed for release alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd – all three titles coming with their full, original soundtrack.

Speaking of which, a method of playing soundtrack will be added to the game via a new “Soundtrack Mode,” which will be exclusive to the Switch release and the only way in which you can access Kyle Gabler’s “wonderfully bizarre music.”

But what are the games about? Well…

  • Human Resource Machine is programming-based puzzle game in which you must guide an office worker through mundane tasks using simple strings of commands. It’s sort of like writing a “code” for someone to life by, in order to get their job done. A unique game for sure, it requires at least a little forethought – so don’t break down before you start.

  • Little Inferno is sandbox-style puzzle game that plays out mostly in a first-person perspective. It follows the player, who possesses the fictional “Little Inferno” fireplace and uses it to burn things. Toys, electronics, or simply whatever he can find goes into the fire – and in return he gets money to buy more things to burn. An infinite cycle of destruction is offered here.

  • World of Goo is a game centred around goo structures, and collecting goo balls for use in a meta-game. It rewards smart use of the goo balls, while punishing inefficient use through restricting your progress in the meta bits – all while offering unique levels you can build your way through. If you like cute games with lots of potential for improvement, this is your game.

Finally, it’s been noted that these three games will be coming digitally only, as Tomorrow Corporation sees physical as “off the radar.” Maybe someone should hook them up with Limited Run Games, hmm? 😛

Human Resource Machine, Little Inferno, & World of Goo are now headed to the Switch at launch, are you going to be picking them up?

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