Switch Player Magazine Issue #1

The debut issue of our FREE digital magazine is available now!

Hello everyone!

I love gaming magazines. Sure, they are a dying breed and cannot compete with the internet, but there was always something cool about having the latest gaming news in your hands, for you to read at your convenience. Growing up I enjoyed Mean Machines, then Nintendo Magazine System. I loved a variety of Future branded magazines – including Total! and Super Play – and even became a moderator for the future-published Official Nintendo Magazine around the time of the Wii. As they have had a lasting effect on me, I was always interested in making my own, and I can now proudly present to you the debut issue of Switch Player!

Free to read on Issuu, issue #1 has a six page feature explaining everything we know about the Switch, opinions and analysis from Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Laura Kate Dale, Chris Scullion, Meg Bethany Read, Manuel Stanislao, Pocket Gamer’s Glen Fox, Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips, HyperPlay RPG, Ryan Brown, and Andy Robertson.

I love talking with developers, so in our launch issue we managed to grab a chat with Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight); and we also caught up with Let’s Play Video Games’ Laura Kate Dale, and Kinda Funny’s Tim Gettys!

Plus, there’s a feature from former Official Nintendo Magazine journalist Chris Scullion on the Switch as a handheld, we preview and feature over 60 Switch games, and we even go hands-on with the Switch and Breath of the Wild!

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That’s about it from me here. All that’s left is to say thanks for reading, please let me know your thoughts – good and bad, and stay tuned for news on how you can get your thoughts featured in a future issue!

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