Battle Princess Madelyn arriving on the Switch later this year

Another indie title joins the growing list of games coming to Nintendo’s hybrid.

Have you heard of Battle Princess Madelyn? Developed by Causal Bit Games, the game is a story about a young princess (and also knight in training) who must battle her way through the forces of evil to save her family with the assistance of her previously deceased dog Fritzy, and thanks to Nintendo Life we have learned that the developer plans to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch later this year!

Based on a story that a member of the team wrote as a child following the loss of their dog, the game follows Madelyn as she trains with her “Warrior King” father for the royal games, when “The Horned Wizard” appears to cause some fire-erupting carnage. As he strikes Madelyn’s family down, Fritzy is mortally wounded by the wizard and her family disappears… Madelyn will have to rescue her family, but will she be alone?

We will bring you more news on the game as we learn it. Does this look like something you’d be interested in playing? Let us know in the comments!

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