Towerfall developer bringing mountain climber Celeste to the Switch

“Hardcore Mountain climber” climbs onto systems later this year.

Have you played Towerfall? Is so then you’ll have played the work of indie developer Matt Thorson and his latest game, Celeste has just been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch.

Playing the titular character, you’ll need to run, dash and climb your way across a wide variety of challenging levels. You’ll be able to make extraordinary leaps to faraway ledges as you’ll see from the trailer below.

With a similar art style to Towerfall, and evoking many Super Meat Boy feelings it certainly looks like an interesting – if challenging- game.

What do you make of Celeste, does it look like something you’d want to play? How about Towerfall, how much do you want that on the Switch?

We will bring you more news on the game as we have it.

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