Getting Ready For Day One – First Time Use Video, Joy-Con Infographic, Day One Update Details

The Nintendo Switch is almost here, and there are some things we should probably show and tell before it gets here.

First up we’ve got a video showing what you can expect the first time you turn on your brand new Nintendo Switch. It walks you through the different menus you’ll need (and want) to navigate on the way to your first gameplay, and it’s nice and quick for those of you short on time or patience.

Once you’ve given that “First Time Use” video a look, you should also check out this recently released Joy-Con infographic. It explains and points out some of the parts and unique functions of these next-gen game controllers, so you can get the most out of your new gadget.

Finally, we’ve got details on the day one update – which it seems will require little input from you as the user. It’s designed to download and install in the background once you’re connected to the internet, and will provide access to network features (including the eShop, online gameplay, ability to share images via social media, and more).

When the update installs you’ll be able to link Nintendo Accounts as well (get one here), and they’ve added the ability to authenticate at places such as hotels or restaurants via a web-based applet – despite no web browser support at launch.

Designed to install quickly and not disrupt gameplay, you can even get started while you wait for this update to install… just make sure you’re connected to the internet to get it going. 😉

I hope you’re a little more informed after the video, infographic, and news on the day one update – but we understand that other things could be of use as well. Toss your helpful hints, tips, and to-dos into the comment section below while you wait for your console to drop!

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