Temporal Battle Arena available for I Am Setsuna

Free DLC available from today.

Have you bought I Am Setsuna? If so you might want to check out the e-shop today as the game receives a FREE DLC package introducing a new way to play with friends.

The Temporal Battle Arena allows players to participate in turn based-battles by uploading and downloading parties, creating the perfect character set-up or even engage in random encounters with other players. You can even play against a friend’s data by entering their player ID.

In order to access the Temporal Battle Arena you will have to be running the latest patched version and have completed the campaign, after which you can visit the “frozen lands” and meet with “Togi”, who will grant you access.

If you haven’t picked up I Am Setsuna yet make sure you check out our review, in which guest reviewer Joe Anderson said: “I am Setsuna is an enjoyable and more than competent JRPG, which while weak in story more than makes up for this with a strong combat system and fantastic presentation.”

Let us know if you’ll be picking up the game or the DLC in the comments!

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